Lesson about Palestinians should not be 'taboo'

By Simon Rocker, May 26, 2016

Talking about the Palestinians to pupils at Jewish schools "cannot be taboo", according to a specialist on teaching children about Israel.

Dr Sivan Zakai, of the American Jewish University in Los Angeles, has found that young Jewish schoolchildren in the city are unaware of the Palestinians, instead believing Israel to be in conflict with some "unclear other team".


LL Camps co founder Ben Lewis pleads guilty over indecent images of children charge

By JC Reporter, May 25, 2016

Naked pictures of three-and four-year-old girls were found on the mobile phone of one of the owners of a children’s summer camp, a jury heard this week.

The indecent images on Ben Lewis’s iPhone were discovered by a member of staff at LL Camps in Bushey, Hertfordshire, who said the sight of them had “polluted” her brain.


Exams - hell for all the family

By Ronit Knoble, May 25, 2016

A father revises the Weimar Republic and Treaty of Versailles with his daughter while a mother tests her son on free trade agreements and the economic policy of Europe while putting the washing on, ordering more stationery from Amazon Prime, roasting a chicken and running her business. Sounds familiar? Then you may be in exam hell too…


JFS headteacher resigns after leave of absence

By Rosa Doherty, May 24, 2016

Jonathan Miller has resigned as headteacher of JFS, it has been announced.

In an email to parents today, chair of governors Steven Woolf said: “I regret to inform you that the school has accepted Mr Miller’s resignation which will take effect at the end of the school year and his leave of absence will continue until that time.”


School admissions points system set for review

By Simon Rocker, May 19, 2016

The points system which is used for entry to many Jewish schools is to be reviewed.

The Chief Rabbi has set up an investigation to look at the requirements for a "Certificate of Religious Practice" and question whether the present criteria are correct.


Holiday ruling gives teachers a headache

By Simon Rocker, May 19, 2016

Headteachers have been left in a vacuum after a legal ruling which has given parents more freedom to take their children on holiday during term.

The High Court last week supported a father who had refused to pay a £120 fine for removing his daughter from school for a trip abroad.


Rethink on academies may prove a blessing in disguise

By Simon Rocker, May 19, 2016

The twists and turns of education policy can be hard to follow. While there may seem to be no specific Jewish interest in the government's climbdown over academies, it could have a hidden benefit.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, although still wanting state schools to switch from local authority control to academy status, has dropped the demand for "blanket conversion".


Warning of crisis in French Jewish schools

By Shirli Sitbon, May 12, 2016

A senior educator has warned of a crisis in Jewish education in France as schools close due to falling pupil numbers.

Four of France's 200 Jewish schools have shut down over the past year because Jews have been leaving France or moving to safer areas, said Jo Toledano, who until September headed the Alliance Israelite Universelle, an educational umbrella group.


Charedi fury over education ruling

By Simon Rocker, May 12, 2016

Britain's Charedi schools are on a collision course with education authorities over a requirement to teach about same-sex relationships and other faiths.

At a special meeting at the end of last week, the rabbinical leadership of the London-based Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations made clear that no compromise was possible on religious principle.