Time to be mindful about mental health

By Charlotte Oliver, February 13, 2015

Think you’re busy? Spare a thought for your average schoolchild. From their morning maths class to their after-school piano lesson, pupils’ days are jam-packed — with the pressures of academic success weighing them down like a textbook-laden rucksack.


Nicky Morgan considers call for private school security funding

By Simon Rocker, February 12, 2015

The Department for Education is considering a request from Jewish leaders and MPs to help fund security at independent Jewish schools.

State-aided Jewish schools already benefit from a £2 million annual grant towards their security costs provided by the government since 2010.


School dinner is spiced up by news of first home

February 5, 2015

Noam Primary School has finally found a permanent home, 16 years after accepting its first handful of pupils.

Details were revealed to 300 supporters at the school's annual dinner at the VIP Lounge in Edgware on Tuesday, which raised £200,000 towards the project.

The permanent site is in East Road, Burnt Oak and the expectation is that building work will be completed in the next 15 months.


The added value of a Jewish education

February 5, 2015

Among the plethora of government data made available last week, impressive scores among Jewish schools were their "value-added" figures.

This mark, given to all state-aided schools, indicates how far above expectations pupils performed at GCSE, considering their ability on entry.


Dropping IGCSEs is wrong, says head

February 5, 2015

While this year's league tables provide a comprehensive guide to school performance, they also point to some confusing anomalies - one being that schools whose pupils only sit International GCSEs carry a mark of zero.


Ofsted has no agenda against Jewish schools, says primary head

By Charlotte Oliver, February 4, 2015

The idea that Ofsted is unfairly targeting Jewish schools is “preposterous”, according to a Jewish school headteacher.

Last week, Rabbi Nessanel Lieberman – a registered Ofsted inspector and head of Bnos Beis Yaakov School in Kingsbury - was quoted in the JC suggesting that Ofsted had “an agenda to knock down our schools”.


Centre studying antisemitism gets £1.4 million grant

By Rosa Doherty, February 3, 2015

The Pears Institute for the Study of Antisemitism has received a grant of £1.4 million that will fund its work for the next five years.

The funding from the Pears Foundation will pay for a social sciences lecturer, and extend teaching and research into antisemitism.


We need a new way of teaching

By Felix Posen, January 29, 2015

There are big Jewish divisions, such as religious versus cultural Judaism.


A few lessons learned at teachers' conference

By Charlotte Oliver, January 29, 2015

As a teacher, you never stop learning. That was the message of the day at the London School of Jewish Studies (LSJS) last Tuesday, where more than 200 people gathered for its fourth National Jewish Education Conference for Primary School Teachers.


How Auschwitz reminded me to never forget

By Joshua Rocker, January 29, 2015

We were told it was OK to cry, but maybe we should have been told it was just as acceptable not to cry. I went last month on Immanuel College's sixth form trip to Poland willing to weep, but unable to do so in what I had anticipated would be the most affecting places, such as the gas chambers at Majdanek.