Millions given to Cambridge for Israeli research posts

By Sandy Rashty, January 20, 2015

A new multi-million pound investment fund has been set up for Israeli scientists at the University of Cambridge.

The fund, provided by the Blavatnik Family Foundation, will enable Israelis to pursue post-doctorate research at the leading university.


Jewish schools close in Belgium and Holland after terror threat

By Josh Jackman, January 16, 2015

Jewish schools in Belgium and the Netherlands will remain closed on Friday due to fears they could be targeted by Islamist terrorists.

Schools in Antwerp and Brussels cancelled lessons for the day, while the only Orthodox institution in Amsterdam, the Jewish Children Community Cheder, also closed its doors as a precaution.


Publisher tells authors to avoid references to pig

By Sandy Rashty, January 14, 2015

A top British publisher has warned its writers to steer clear of mentioning pigs, sausages or pork-related words in books, in an apparent bid to avoid offending Jews and Muslims.

The existence of Oxford University Press guidelines emerged after a television discussion on free speech in the wake of the Paris attacks.


Orthodox rabbis ponder key issues

January 12, 2015

The role of Jewish Women in the 21st century, dealing with bereavement and promoting a positive Jewish phil-osophy were among issues discussed by more than 200 Orthodox rabbis and rebbetzins at this week’s Aleinu conference in Hertfordshire.


Labour 'will support faith schools ethos'

By Marcus Dysch, January 8, 2015

Labour's Shadow Education Secretary has reaffirmed his party's support for faith schools and called on the Jewish community to lead the way in encouraging cross-cultural dialogue.

In a wide-ranging speech at JFS in London on Tuesday evening, Tristram Hunt also spoke passionately of his support for Israel.

Referring to the Trojan Horse inquiry into allegations of Islamic extremism in Muslim s


GCSE move will 'confuse' pupils over their beliefs

By Simon Rocker, January 8, 2015

Jewish pupils could become confused about their beliefs if they are forced to study faiths other than their own at GCSE, according to the National Association of Orthodox Jewish Schools (Najos).

Many Jewish schools have suggested they would drop GSCE religious studies if the government introduces the compulsory teaching of at least two faiths, Najos told the Department for Education.



School's out as the water goes off

By Josh Jackman, January 8, 2015

Liverpool King David students enjoyed an extended winter holiday when a problem with the water supply forced the closure of the campus on Monday and Tuesday.

When the issue was discovered on Monday morning, parents of primary pupils were asked to collect their children.


Islamist website hackers target Yorkshire school and church

By Josh Jackman, January 6, 2015

A computer virus created by Islamist hackers has attacked the websites of a school and a church with anti-Israel messages.

Sowerby Primary School and The Danish Seamen's Church, both in Yorkshire, had their sites replaced with an image of defaced Israel and American flags, accompanied by text from a group calling itself X-saad.


JFS praised by inspectors for Jewish studies

By Simon Rocker, January 6, 2015

JFS, the country’s largest Jewish school, has been praised for the quality of its Jewish education by Pikuach, the Board of Deputies-run inspection service.

A report published today said that the school’s Jewish studies was good overall, with a number of outstanding features.


East End historian Bill Fishman dies

By Sandy Rashty, December 31, 2014

A British-Jewish academic who spent his career telling the stories of marginalised communities in London’s East End in the 19th and 20th centuries, has died aged 93.