Ed Miliband

Lord Levy criticises Ed Miliband over mansion tax

By Marcus Dysch, October 7, 2014

Lord Levy is among a series of Labour figures to question leader Ed Miliband’s economic policies.

The Jewish Care president and former close advisor of Tony Blair was highly critical of plans for a tax on homes costing more than £2 million.

Lord Levy told the Sunday Times he wanted to see the party back in government, but that he did not agree with the so-called mansion tax.


Be optimistic about peace, Miliband tells Israel supporters

By Marcus Dysch, September 24, 2014

Labour leader Ed Miliband has urged supporters of Israel to feel optimistic about the prospects for peace in the Middle East.

He said his party was "deeply, deeply committed" to helping Israelis and Palestinians secure a two-state solution and again called on the two sides to resume talks.


Ed Miliband pledges to work for two-state solution

By JC Reporter, September 23, 2014

Ed Miliband has pledged to work for a two-state solution in the Middle East if he becomes Prime Minister.

Speaking at the Labour Party conference in Manchester, Mr Miliband attributed a short part of his 80-minute speech to the issue of Israel and the Palestinians.


Columnist claims Ed Miliband believes hostility towards him is fuelled by antisemitism

By Naomi Firsht, September 23, 2014

Ed Miliband believes antisemitism may be behind some of the hostility towards him, a leading journalist has claimed.

Columnist Rachel Sylvester wrote in The Times that, although Mr Miliband may well be the most English Labour leader for the past 40 years, he privately believes many people see him as an “outsider” and “strange” because of his Jewish heritage.


Stand on Israel was correct, says Miliband

By Marcus Dysch, September 23, 2014

Anti-boycott campaigners were relieved this week after delegates at the Labour Party conference failed to move any motions against Israel.

There had been fears that anti-Israel measures could be adopted by party supporters gathering in Manchester.

Local Labour branches and trades union activists had submitted Israel-related motions for consideration at a policy forum ahead of the conference.


Ed Miliband defends Labour stance on Gaza conflict

By Marcus Dysch, September 22, 2014

Anti-boycott campaigners have expressed their relief after delegates at the Labour Party conference failed to move any motions against Israel.

There had been fears that anti-Israel measures could be adopted by party supporters gathering in Manchester.


Miliband set for frosty reception post-Gaza

By Robert Philpot, September 18, 2014

Six weeks this summer witnessed the high and low points of Ed Miliband's relationship with Britain's Jewish community.

When he addressed the Labour Friends of Israel annual lunch on June 17, the warmth of his reception reflected his pledge to remain a "friend of Israel", but also his moving description of "the deeply personal journey" he had made to the Jewish state over Passover.


Miliband: MPs call judgment into question

August 7, 2014

Ed Miliband's position on Israel has been attacked by former Labour ministers, Jewish party supporters and the Jewish Leadership Council.

The Labour leader has adopted an increasingly tough stance, calling Operation Protective Edge "wrong and unjustifiable" and he has attacked David Cameron for not opposing Israel's actions.


Miliband's year of empathy

By Marcus Dysch, July 31, 2014

An international autism expert has shed light on his efforts to help Ed Miliband understand empathy.

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen said he had been working with the Labour leader for more than a year.

In a keynote speech last week, Mr Miliband said empathy was one of the most under-rated virtues in politics.


Israel’s true friends

July 24, 2014

In recent months, Ed Miliband has made a concerted effort to embrace the Jewish community. He has visited Israel. He has spoken of rediscovering his Jewish roots. And he ended his speech to the Labour Friends of Israel with the declaration that he would enter Downing Street proud to be a “friend of Israel, a Jew and… part of the community”.