Ed Balls

Brown praises head

By Jay Grenby, April 25, 2008

Tributes from Gordon Brown and Ed Balls to Wolfson Hillel Primary head Sharon Margolis were read out at a retirement lunch for Mrs Margolis, who has left the Southgate school after 15 years.

Praising the commitment and vision of Mrs Margolis, Mr Brown wrote that “at Wolfson-Hillel, you have built up a great school”. In his message, Mr Balls, the Education Secretary, noted that “the excellent facilities and reputation the school now enjoys is due to your leadership skills”.


Schools hit back at Balls

By Simon Rocker, April 11, 2008

Ed Balls, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, has defended the exposure of schools in breach of the government’s admissions code despite anger among Jewish schools at his decision to name them.

Writing in today’s JC, Mr Balls says: “I do not think that keeping all this information a secret would have been possible or the right thing to do in the public interest.”


Why I exposed school entry flaws

By Ed Balls, April 11, 2008

Faith schools can ask for voluntary donations, but they must not be a condition of admission

Jewish schools play a vital role in delivering excellent education for young people in this country. The Jewish community’s commitment to enriching and empowering young minds — shown by the high priority education is given in Jewish homes and its central role in Jewish life — is a model we can all learn from.


Schools break rules over entry demands

By Simon Rocker, April 4, 2008

State-aided Jewish schools have been found to be in breach of the Government’s admissions code by asking parents for inappropriate personal information or requesting donations when their children apply.

Several Jewish schools have fallen foul of the code by asking parents on entry forms for details such as their marital status or occupation.