Making a worldwide drama out of Israel TV

By Jenni Frazer, January 16, 2014

It is just over 20 years since, armed with a degree in film and television studies from Tel Aviv University, a fresh-faced Alon Aranya landed in California, determined to make his mark. Many other young Israelis followed the same path, but for Aranya it really paid off.


American Psycho Review - A sophisticated production

By John Nathan, December 20, 2013

Matt Smith packs more defined pecs than you might expect of a former Doctor Who. The ripped torso rises out of the Almeida’s stage as smoothly as a cassette ejecting from a high-end, late-20th-century tape deck. Smith is the latest incarnation of Patrick Bateman, who lives in the raging materialism of late-20th-century New York and whose favourite objects include his Sony Walkman and his body.


It's Soho, but not as we now know it

By John Nathan, November 18, 2013

Harold Pinter Theatre, London SW1