We cannot let millions more die

By David Mitchell, July 22, 2010

It was only a little article on the JC's website but it was one of the most heart-warming to read in a while. Yet again, Israel - so often the subject of bad press around the world - was rapidly responding with real aid to a humanitarian crisis.


Ex-slave lobbies Israel to aid Darfur refugees

By Ben Lynfield, May 30, 2008

While he was settling into his new life in the United States in 1991 Simon Deng saw a newspaper headline proclaiming that human beings were for sale in Sudan for 10 dollars.

“It brought out everything I had been through as a child,” he said over coffee at a Jerusalem hotel this week. “I almost lost it. I did not sleep for three days. My choice was to live in denial or come out of the closet. I realised I had to come out and tell the world that that newspaper was true because I myself was a slave as a child.”


Darfur protest

By Neil Wolfson, April 18, 2008

Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs was among a large Jewish presence at Sunday’s fifth annual London protest rally against the genocide in Darfur.

Mr Isaacs, Board of Deputies president Henry Grunwald, JC columnist Jonathan Freedland and several hundred Jewish students were among the 2,000 people outside the Sudanese embassy. Students wore T-shirts bearing the slogan: “Never Again? It’s Happening Right Now”.