Warning: fraudster on loose

By Leon Symons, October 10, 2008

A warning has been issued to every minister in the United Synagogue to be on their guard in case a convicted conman turns up on their doorstep.

The warning was sent out a day after the man, 40-year-old Bradley Silver, was given a suspended prison sentence after he admitted three charges relating to forged cheques.


Conman pretends to be Meretz UK chair

By Candice Krieger, October 10, 2008

The chairman of a British-based progressive Zionist group is the latest victim of a Nigerian email scam.
Someone claiming to be Meretz UK's Yehuda Erdman wrote an email - received by members of the organisation and at the JC - saying he was stranded in Nigeria, where he was working with HIV and Aids sufferers. He appealed - in very questionable English - for hundreds of dollars.

The email reads: "It as [sic] been a very sad and bad moment for me, the present condition that I found myself is very intoxicated for me to explain.


Police find suitcase believed to hold missing girl

September 12, 2008

Police divers have found a red suitcase in the Yarkon River thought to contain the remains of missing four-year-old girl Rose Pizem, believed to have been murdered by her grandfather.

After intensive searches for the child, who has been missing since May, divers located a red case which matched the description of the one that the girl's grandfather, Ronnie Ron, told police he had put her body after killing her.


Crime ‘kingpin’ faces extradition

By Yaakov Katz, August 28, 2008

Organised crime in Israel may have been dealt a blow this week with the arrest of alleged mobster Itzik Abergil following an extradition request by the United States.

Mr Abergil has featured on Israeli police's "most-wanted" lists for the past two decades and has repeatedly been investigated on a wide range of allegations including drug-dealing, money-laundering, illegal gambling and, most recently, murder, with the July botched mob hit on a Bat Yam beach that killed Marguerita Lautin, a 31-year-old mother-of-two.


Knife raiders rob boutique in 7 seconds

By Marcus Dysch, August 14, 2008

Staff at an exclusive boutique were threatened with a knife during the latest raid on stores at the heart of a Jewish community.

A balaclava-clad gang stole a dozen handbags worth a total of around £10,000 during Monday's lightning robbery at Larizia in Temple Fortune, North-West London.

An attempted break-in also took place 100 yards away at another Jewish business, Genevieve, days earlier.


Armed men threaten staff in crowded deli

By Jonathan Kalmus, August 14, 2008

Armed robbers threatened staff at a Manchester kosher deli before escaping with a till last Thursday evening.

Three men, carrying a knife and a hammer, entered Shefa Mehadrin deli in Prestwich at around 8pm.

A 23-year-old employee, who had been behind the stolen till, said: "I was worried I would get stabbed. One of them tried to open the till with his knife."


Knife raiders terrify boutique staff

By Marcus Dysch, August 12, 2008

Staff at an exclusive Jewish-owned boutique were threatened with a knife during a robbery on Monday morning.

Three men stole handbags worth a total of around £10,000 during the raid at Larizia in Temple Fortune, North West London.

Manager Marian Zandi said it was the 11th time the store had been targeted in the past three years.

Police are investigating the incident and are believed to be viewing CCTV footage from the boutique's security cameras.

See this Friday's JC for the full story


Tory caught in the act

By James White, August 7, 2008

A Conservative councillor on Harrow Council has been fined for taking part in a sexual act in a public toilet.

On Wednesday Robert Benson admitted the offence, which took place in a Harrow Council public convenience, and was fined £205 and ordered to pay costs.

Mr Benson, 41, who is due to marry in Stanmore Synagogue next month, was arrested after police community support officers discovered two men in a cubicle.


Armed robbery at kosher deli

By Jonathan Kalmus, August 7, 2008

Three masked robbers armed with knives and a hammer threatened staff at Shefa Mehadrin Kosher Deli in Manchester, before ripping out its till.

The robbery, which lasted just two minutes, began when the three men entered the shop at 8pm last Thursday shouting.

“One held a hammer high in the air and shouted, ‘open up the tills’, said Gavriel Jacobson, who was shopping inside at the time. “Everyone froze, then they pulled out the whole till and ran away.”

Around 20 people were inside the shop at the time.


Tube-scam conman gets 18 months

By Dana Gloger, July 31, 2008

The so-called Tube shekel scammer has been jailed for 18 months, in his second such prosecution this year.

Israel Aharonovitz, 58, of Hackney, East London, had already been sentenced to a year's imprisonment in April for three counts of fraud by false representation after he obtained £368 from Tube passengers he identified as Jewish.

After further offences came to light, Aharonovitz was prosecuted again, for another three counts.