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Essex MP in controversial Made in Chelsea meeting

By Jennifer Lipman, July 22, 2011

Conservative MP Brooks Newmark has been criticised for meeting a reality television star while he was supposed to be at a constituency event.

The Jewish politician, who represents the Essex constituency of Braintree, was accompanied by his daughter when he went for a drink with Made in Chelsea's Francis Boulle.


i-Engage disengaged

By Martin Bright, July 21, 2011

A highly organised phalanx of 50 backbench Conservatives rallied this week to vote against using i-Engage, an anti-Zionist Muslim organisation, as the secretariat for the all-party parliamentary group on Islamophobia.

The operation took supporters of i-Engage by surprise, as MPs from all parties voted 60-2 to drop the organisation.

The decisive vote on Monday was hailed as an important victo


Conservative MPs meet Sderot teenagers

By Jennifer Lipman, June 2, 2011

A group of MPs visited Israel to learn more about security issues and British-Israeli trade links as part of a trip organised by Conservative Friends of Israel.

The six Conservative Party politicians, including government whip Chloe Smith, Cannock Chase MP Aidan Burley and South Derbyshire MP Heather Wheeler, travelled around the country including to the southern town of Sderot.


On this day: Tony Blair wins a third term

By Jennifer Lipman, May 5, 2011

With a win of 413 seats and 40.7 per cent of votes, Labour swept to a historic third term, putting an end to the hopes of Conservative leader Michael Howard.

Mr Howard, whose grandmother died in Auschwitz after being deported from Romania, grew up in Llanelli in South Wales. He studied at Cambridge, passed the bar and won his first election in 1983.


Louise Bagshawe still waiting for BBC to explain Fogel failures

By Jennifer Lipman, March 28, 2011

Louise Bagshawe has received thousands of messages of support for bringing to public attention the BBC’s poor coverage of the Fogel family massacre – but is still yet to hear an explanation from the broadcaster.


MP Louise Bagshawe attacks BBC bias for Fogel coverage ‘failures'

By Jennifer Lipman, March 24, 2011

A Conservative MP has demanded an explanation from the BBC for its “inexcusable” lack of coverage of the Fogel murders a fortnight ago and condemned the broadcaster for “exceptionally biased reporting” — and even antisemitism.


Tory treasurer becomes Lord Fink

By Jennifer Lipman, January 20, 2011

Stanley Fink has entered the House of Lords

The co-treasurer of the Conservative Party took up his seat as Lord Fink today.

The man described as "the Godfather" of the hedge fund industry, Lord Fink runs hedge fund International Standard Asset Management and was the chief executive of the MAN Group. He has donated more than donated £1.9 million to his party in the last eight years.


David Cameron: Britain's ties with Israel are 'unbreakable'

By Jennifer Lipman, December 15, 2010

David Cameron has promised that while he is in office, Britain has “a Prime Minister whose belief in Israel is indestructible”.

Mr Cameron told guests at the annual Conservative Friends of Israel business lunch in London on Monday that “the ties between this party and Israel are unbreakable,” and praised Israel for its dynamic enterprise, community spirit, and for instilling national pride in its youth.


David Cameron: full speech to Conservative Friends of Israel

December 15, 2010

Speech by the David Cameron at the Conservative Friends of Israel business lunch, December 13

I woke up at about 10 in the morning on May 7th and thought ‘What the hell am I going to do now!”

But I would like to think that the decisions I made with others that morning to do the big and the bold and the brave thing and to reach out to form the first coalition government this country had seen in 65 years was right for our party and right for our country and we are seeing the dividends today.


Hall of Fame: Charlie Elphicke

By Jennifer Lipman, December 14, 2010

"The measures on universal jurisdiction are one of the more important aspects of the Bill.

"What we have seen before has made Britain a laughing stock as a place of fishing and trawling for international justice in matters that are better dealt with elsewhere."