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Labour councillor on Holocaust education trip that Aidan Burley joined

By Jennifer Lipman, February 10, 2012

The teacher whose pupils complained that Conservative MP Aidan Burley was "disrespectful" during a talk by a Holocaust survivor is also a Labour councilor.

Dr Suzannah Reeves has been named as the staff member who identified Mr Burley as the MP who joined the pupils at a talk by an Auschwitz survivor in Poland.


'Nazi' stag Tory 'disrespectful' during Holocaust survivor talk

By Jennifer Lipman, February 9, 2012

Aidan Burley, who was sacked from his junior government role last year after attending a Nazi-themed stag party, has become embroiled in a row over his "conduct" while listening to a Holocaust survivor.


The champion of free enterprise

By David Young, January 5, 2012

I first met Margaret Thatcher at a British ORT lunch in the late '70s. As I was the chairman, we sat together and I discovered she knew about, and took a keen interest in ORT. When she spoke, she certainly struck a chord with her audience.


Margaret Thatcher: An embedding Zionist

By Martin Bright, January 5, 2012

Margaret Thatcher may not have had the visceral or spiritual connection to Israel felt by Tony Blair or Gordon Brown but her premiership marked a sea-change within the Conservative Party, which has defined its policy ever since.

Mrs Thatcher's anti-Communism and uncompromising position on terrorism made her naturally lean towards Israel in the Middle East.


Thatcher though Jews and Tories 'good fit'

By Jennifer Lipman, January 5, 2012

According to journalist Charles Moore, whose biography of Baroness Thatcher will be released only after her death, the former PM considered Jewish values and Conservatism "a natural fit".

Her support for Jewish causes derived, he says, from her interactions as MP for Finchley with Jewish people.


MP Goldsmith's anger at 'grotesque' Mail quote

By Jessica Elgot, December 22, 2011

MP Zac Goldsmith has spoken of his anger after the Daily Mail quoted his late father as saying Holocaust victims “lacked initiative.”

The Mail's Ephraim Hardcastle column claimed Referendum Party leader and businessman, Sir James Goldsmith said concentration camp victims “lacked the initiative to get out.”


'Nazi' stag party MP loses his job

By Jennifer Lipman, December 18, 2011

The MP for Cannock Chase has been sacked a week after it emerged that he attended a Nazi themed stag party.

Aidan Burley, who was elected in 2010, was at a party in a French ski resort where one guest dressed up in SS uniform and others toasted senior Nazis including Hitler.


Call for Burley to clarify when he left Nazi stag party

By Jennifer Lipman, December 15, 2011

A Labour MP has written to Transport Secretary Justine Greening asking why an MP at the centre of a Nazi-themed stag night scandal offered two contradictory explanations for his behaviour.


Mea culpa from Conservative MEP

By Jessica Elgot, December 15, 2011

British MEP Sir Robert Atkins has apologised for suggesting pressure should be put on Jews in the diaspora over the treatment of Palestinians.

Board of Deputies president Vivian Wineman met the Conservative MEP on Friday to demand an apology.


Eric Pickles pledges to ensure Shoah legacy

By Marcus Dysch, December 15, 2011

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has visited Auschwitz to check on the progress of restoration work, partly funded by the British government.

He took part in a two-day trip and met the directors of the former concentration camp's museum and foundation to discuss how worldwide contributions were being used.

In May, the government announced it would contribute £2.1 million to the Auschwitz-