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For what they’re worth, you can take comfort from these paper promises

By Marcus Dysch, April 16, 2015

Election manifestos rarely throw up great surprises. Almost every detail is stage-managed, policy-advised, and leaked to the media.

But pro-Palestinian voices in Labour could be forgiven for thinking they had been short-changed when they read their party’s policy document on Monday morning.


Tories’ manifesto pledge to protect shechita

By Marcus Dysch, April 14, 2015

The Conservative Party has pledged to protect religious slaughter if it is returned to government in next month’s general election.

The party’s manifesto highlights the issue of shechita and halal food production following increased speculation about the future of the practices in Britain.


After 18 years, Leeds Tories scent a chance to win in opposition stronghold

By Marcus Dysch, April 8, 2015

Businessman Simon Wilson believes he can tap into the feelings of disillusioned Jewish voters next month.

The Conservative candidate in the Leeds North East constituency hopes his experience of winning a council ward which was once a Labour stronghold will prepare him for capturing a seat held by Ed Miliband’s party for the past 18 years.


Boris Johnson says JC poll is ‘great news’ for Tories

By Marcus Dysch, April 8, 2015

Boris Johnson has said an exclusive JC poll showing that 69 per cent of British Jews plan to vote Conservative is the result of the party’s work for the community.

The London mayor said the results were “great news” for Tories as he campaigned in Golders Green on Wednesday morning.


Huge majority of British Jews will vote Tory, JC poll reveals

By Marcus Dysch, April 7, 2015

British Jews will vote overwhelmingly for the Conservatives, an exclusive JC poll has revealed.

Asked who they would support in next month’s general election, 69 per cent of Jewish voters said they would support the Tories. Only 22 per cent said they would vote Labour.


Tory ready to bring No 10 experience to the green belt

By Marcus Dysch, March 26, 2015

Oliver Dowden is in a rare position for an election candidate - standing on the verge of entering Parliament, yet preparing to see his political influence decrease at the same time.

In his former role as deputy chief of staff for the prime minister, he was one of David Cameron's leading advisers, helping to develop policy, organising briefings and monitoring domestic issues.


West Bank settlement building will hasten Palestinian state, warns Malcolm Rifkind

By Marcus Dysch, March 25, 2015

If Benjamin Netanyahu’s new Israeli administration pushes an aggressive policy of settlement building it could hasten the creation of an independent Palestinian state, former British Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind has warned.


Tory and Labour veterans renew battle in target Hendon seat

By Sandy Rashty, March 19, 2015

When Ed Miliband headed to Hendon to host a public question-and- answer session in January, there was one issue on the audience's mind.

The man hoping to be Prime Minister was repeatedly pushed to defend his stance on Israel by Jewish constituents who vowed never to vote for Labour while he led the party.


Tory MP Matthew Offord says no to Ukip

By Sandy Rashty, March 12, 2015

The Conservative MP for the constituency with the second highest number of Jewish voters has revealed that he was asked to defect to Ukip.

Matthew Offord, the MP for Hendon, said he was approached by Ukip treasurer Andrew Reid, who is a constituent.

"Andrew actually asked me to go to Ukip," Mr Offord said. "The treasurer of Ukip says I represent his point of view."


I know about hate - my sister was a victim

By Marcus Dysch, March 12, 2015

There are very few Church of England ministers with closer links to the Jewish community than Daniel Critchlow.

Brought up at the heart of the Prestwich community, the Conservative candidate's parents were leading figures in Manchester's Jewish education establishments.