Stewart plans Washington anti-Tea Party rally

By Jennifer Lipman, September 19, 2010

Jewish satirist is leading the fight against America’s right wing Tea Party movement in the run-up to November’s mid-term elections.

Jonathan Leibowitz, better known as The Daily Show presenter Jon Stewart, has announced plans for a "Rally to Restore Sanity” with a “Million Moderate March” on Washington.


Channel 4 to broadcast series of films about Jewish mothers

By Robyn Rosen, September 17, 2010

Comedian David Schneider and harpist Lucinda Belle are among those featuring in a Channel 4 strand of films about Jewish mothers.

Starting on Monday, September 27, seven different Jews will be in seven 90-second films, as part of the 4thought series, broadcast 365 days a year on Channel 4 in the evening and online.


Ricky Gervais jokes about Jews at the Emmys

By Jennifer Lipman, August 31, 2010
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British comedian Ricky Gervais takes a swipe at Mel Gibson as he presents an award at the 2010 Emmy awards.

The 1960s-set advertising drama Mad Men, created by Jewish writer Matthew Weiner, was the big winner of the night, taking the prizes for best drama and best drama series writing.

Watch a Yiddish parody of Mad Men here


Cycling tips from comic David Schneider

By Jennifer Lipman, August 25, 2010
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Jewish comedian David Schneider is in for the ride of his life when he takes on a sponsored cycle to raise money for The Prostate Cancer Charity.

The writer and comedy actor famous for his appearances in I’m Alan Partridge, Knowing Me Knowing You and The Day Today, will undertake the 70km challenge in September. The route is the one followed by professional cyclists in The Tour of Britain.


Joke's over for Jewish comic

By Jennifer Lipman, August 23, 2010

Comedian Dan Antopolski has gone from most to least humorous in just 12 months.

In 2009 the Petah Tikvah-born stand-up won the Dave trophy for the funniest joke of the Edinburgh Fringe.

But this year he was awarded the honour of having the “worst joke” of the festival.

His gag went: "How many Spaniards does it take to change a lightbulb? Juan."

It was not deemed as humorous as his previous effort, which went: "Hedgehogs - why can't they just share the hedge?"


Lee Nelson's Well Good Edinbra Show

By Lee Levitt, August 20, 2010

Simon Brodkin inhabits his feral comic creation Lee Nelson so completely that it's hard to imagine the north Londoner is anyone other than the sniggeringly amoral south London geezer whose council estate is his universe.


Lee Nelson's Well Good Show

By Jennifer Lipman, August 13, 2010
Chav comedian Lee Nelson (otherwise known as Simon Brodkin) is in Edinburgh throughout the festival with his 'Well Good Edinbra' show. Here he is in action on his BBC3 series 'Lee Nelson's Well Good Show'.


WATCH Comedy from Lynn Ruth Miller

By Jennifer Lipman, August 13, 2010
American comedian Lynn Ruth Miller is in Edinburgh with her show "Granny's Gone Wild". Here she is covering everything from old-age dating to ordering at Baskin Robbins.


Rabbinic dreams

By Robyn Rosen, August 12, 2010

Comedian Josh Howie has spoken of his dreams of becoming a rabbi, despite his famous mother's desire to convert to Buddhism.

The son of Lynne Franks, PR guru and inspiration for Ab Fab character Edina, told the Sunday Times Magazine: "I embarked on the road to becoming a rabbi. But I got caught with a girl and that put a stop to that. In the end I just settled for being a good Jewish boy."


Sacha Baron Cohen did not steal 'Bruno' joke

By Jennifer Lipman, August 10, 2010

A judge has dismissed a copyright case against British Jewish comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

In March, a writer called John Musero sued Mr Baron Cohen over a scene in the 2009 fashion spoof Bruno, featuring a Velcro-suited man.

Mr Musero claimed the idea for the outfit appeared in a script entitled “Himbos” that he had unsuccessfully pitched to the Bruno producers before Mr Baron Cohen’s film was released.

But a California federal judge decided that there was no evidence of plagiarism.