Scottish Jews and Christians to heal 'damaged' relationship

By Josh Jackman, August 3, 2016

Scottish Jews and the Church have announced reconciliation talks, three years after Christian congregants were told they should not support Jewish claims to Israel.

The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (ScoJeC) and Church of Scotland plan discussions leading to a joint resource “with agreed theological terms and references,” ScoJeC has revealed.


Almost half of UK population have no religion, survey finds

By Charlotte Oliver, January 17, 2016

A large proportion of people in the UK say they have no religion, a YouGov survey has revealed.

Research carried out by Lancaster University on behalf of YouGov found that 46 per cent of adults of all backgrounds say they have no religion, while 42 per cent call themselves Christians.


Our children should know about Christianity, too

By Simon Rocker, January 7, 2016

In autumn a number of Jewish schools will begin teaching Islam as part of the new curriculum for GCSE religious studies.

It was a move they were forced to make in order to comply with the government's requirement that from 2016 at least a quarter of the GCSE course should be allocated to a second religion.

Although Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis originally opposed the change - arguing that in a


Call for new 'trust and respect' with Christians

By Simon Rocker, December 10, 2015

A group of leading modern Orthodox rabbis have issued a significant declaration on the Jewish approach to Christianity, describing it as a "gift to the nations".

Signed by more than 20 rabbis mainly from the United States and Israel, it calls on Jews and Christians to overcome historic fears in order to establish a "relationship of trust and respect".


Why I have faith in this Pope

By Geoffrey Alderman, December 3, 2015

Like any aspiring Jewish journalist, I keep up with what other faith-based newspapers are saying about the Jews. Online publication of these news-sheets makes this task much easier than hitherto. For the most part, what internet searches for them throw up are mundane reports of a vaguely "interfaith" and frankly inconsequential nature.


Ban on Lord's Prayer cinema advert is 'objectionable' restriction of religious freedom, says Chief Rabbi

By JC Reporter, November 27, 2015

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has called for the decision to ban a cinema advert featuring the Lord’s Prayer to be reversed.

He tweeted that the refusal to show the advert was “an objectionable curtailing of freedom of religious expresson”.


Christian schools in Israel to re-open after month-long strikes

By Naomi Firsht, September 27, 2015

Christian schools in Israel will re-open on Monday following strikes over funding.

Some 33,000 schoolchildren will return to class after almost a month off following a deal that was reached on Sunday morning between the Christian school council, which represents 47 schools, and the Education Ministry.


Unesco locates site of Jesus’ baptism in Jordan

By Sandy Rashty, July 14, 2015

For decades, Christians have gone on pilgrimages to the River Jordan – bathing on the banks where Jesus was baptised.

They have approached the river both from Israel in the east, and Jordan in the west.

Historically, the Israeli side has attracted more tourists as it follows part of a Holy Land pilgrimage, which includes Nazareth and Jerusalem.


Scottish Christians and Jews unite to combat antisemitism

By Josh Jackman, July 9, 2015

Groups forged to combat antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment have been launched all over Britain since last summer.

One of the grassroots organisations that began during the Gaza conflict, the Scottish Israel Forum, fell by the wayside in January, but as its former chairman Richard Coats said, "the energy that went into it has diffused into different groups".


Rev Stephen Sizer showed 'appalling' judgement over antisemitic post, says his bishop

By Josh Jackman, February 9, 2015

The Bishop of Guildford has condemned Reverend Stephen Sizer as displaying “appalling” judgement over his anti-Israel posts, but denied that the vicar had been deliberately antisemitic.

He promised that if Rev Sizer repeated his behaviour, he would be dismissed.

Rev Sizer, who has a parish in Surrey, posted a link to an article suggesting Israel carried out the 9/11 attack.