Years five and six pupils at Ilford Jewish Primary School raise £100 for RSPCA

October 23, 2008

Years five and six pupils at Ilford Jewish Primary School raised £100 for the RSPCA, which will help to equip an inspector's van with an animal first-aid kit, pet carrier and rescue set. The money came from an IJPS "cutest pet" contest, a raffle and a competition to guess the amount of pasta in a jar.


Drugsline's first golf tournament raises thousands

October 16, 2008

Drugsline's first golf tournament, held at the Abridge club, raised several thousand pounds towards the Essex-based charity's support for those affected by drug addiction. Richard Daniels was the individual winner of the tournament, which was followed by a three-course dinner where the guest speaker was Penny Mallory, champion rally driver and television presenter. Karen Sharpe chaired the tournament committee.


The Pinner Israel Action Group hold Israeli wine-tasting fundraiser

October 16, 2008

The Pinner Israel Action Group moved closer to completing its second partnership with the Israel Guide Dog Centre for the Blind after an Israeli wine-tasting fundraiser. Forty wine buffs heard Neil Isaacson of Hendon kosher wine specialist Amazing Grapes give a short lecture on wine-making and an overview of the fast-growing Israeli market before enjoying a tasting. The Pinner Israel Action Group has already completed one $25,000 partnership with the Israel Guide Dog Centre to support the raising and training of a guide dog.


Exclusive: Manchester welfare charities to merge

September 23, 2008

The two largest welfare charities in the Manchester area, the Fed and Heathlands Village, are in the process of merging, the JC.Com can exclusively reveal.

The Fed, formerly the Manchester Jewish Federation, offers support services and financial assistance to Jewish people in need throughout Greater Manchester. Heathlands, the long-established Manchester Jewish Homes for the Aged, provides residential care for elderly people in supervised flats and wards under full nursing care.


Communal leaders slam anti-Israel comments

By Leon Symons, August 15, 2008

Two Jewish community leaders have hit back at the head of a charity over anti-Israeli remarks he made in a charity magazine interview.

Jon Benjamin, chief executive of the Board of Deputies, and Jeremy Newmark, head of the Jewish Leadership Council, wrote to Third Sector warning that "the demonisation of Zionists, Zionism and Israel that is increasingly prevalent in parts of the third-sector/non-governmental organisation community can slip very easily into demonisation of Jews".


Charities join up to fight crunch

By Dana Gloger, August 8, 2008

Charities are being forced to share their resources to save money as the credit crunch bites at the heart of their services - at a time when more people are in need of their help.

More than 70 organisations in London and Manchester have managed to find an extra £500,000 as a result of working together as donations tumble

They are sharing everything from office equipment to IT services. One managed to save £135,000 on mobile phone contracts and a youth organisation cut its spending by 61 per cent.


Crunch time for charities

By Leon Symons, August 8, 2008

Jewish charities are suffering grave financial effects from the credit crunch sweeping the UK.

Charities in all areas - from single-issue organisations to those with larger remits - have seen donations fall as people find themselves with less disposable income while spending more on utility bills.

The cost of kosher food has also risen dramatically this year, meaning charities are having to spend far more on running costs.


Leeds Jewish Welfare Board charity shop surpasses target by £30k

By John Fisher, August 8, 2008

Known locally as "the Harrods of charity shops", Leeds Jewish Welfare Board's store has raised over £100,000 in its first year of trading, surpassing its target figure by £30,000.

Located in Moortown, in the heart of the Jewish community, the success of "thewellfairshop" has not totally surprised its organisers. Manager Andrina Calvert said: "I always had faith that the shop would do well here and I cannot praise my volunteers enough."


Kosher sushi evening raises over £500 for Israeli hospital

August 1, 2008
A kosher sushi cookery evening organised by Laniado UK raised over £500 for the Israeli hospital's Emergency Centre Campaign. Laniado supporters watched and took copious notes as Johannesburg-based cookery teacher Isabel Romberg explained the finer points of sushi preparation. Laniado UK campaigns director Gaby Blauer says similar events are being planned for the future.


Be aware: not all Israeli charities are equal

By Dan Kosky, August 1, 2008

Why is one of our largest fundraisers giving money to a group that wants to erase Israel's Jewish character?


The New Israel Fund (NIF), one of the UK's largest Jewish charities, exists to promote the values of justice, democracy and equality in Israel. Unlike some civil society groups, this is not mere lip service and NIF can justly be proud of an impressive record of achievement. Their work to promote civil rights, women's rights and minority rights has secured their reputation as an anchor of Israel's voluntary sector.