Carmel forest fire

Israel offer aid as tourist questioned over Chile forest fire

By Jennifer Lipman, January 3, 2012

The Israeli foreign ministry has offered condolences to Chile after part of a national park was damaged in a forest fire.

The damage to the Torres de Paine National Park, in southern Chile, has been severe and the park remained closed to visitors on Tuesday.


Carmel Forest fire victims remembered a year on

By Jennifer Lipman, December 19, 2011

A memorial to the victims of the worst natural disaster in Israeli history has been officially opened.

The Carmel Forest fire in December 2010 killed 44 people and led to the evacuation of 17,000 people.

The disaster took a heavy toll on Israel's wildlife – long a source of pride for the country – with some 12,000 acres burned and five million trees turned to ash.


A year after the Carmel fire, the anger still burns

By Nathan Jeffay, December 2, 2011

There were flames everywhere, clouds of ash, and a smell that left you gasping for air. There was fear, as people ran from their homes, and tears, as 44 people died.


Arson possible cause of Jerusalem forest fire

By Jennifer Lipman, July 18, 2011

Israeli investigators are looking into the possibility that a fire that blazed just metres from the Holocaust museum Yad Vashem was caused by arson.

The wildfire, the worst in Israel since the devastating blaze in the Carmel forest last November, was put under control by the end of Sunday.


Alistair Burt visits Israel's Carmel Forest

By Jennifer Lipman, January 18, 2011
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The British foreign office minister for the Middle East is in Israel this week for the first time since his appointment. On his first day Alistair Burt visited northern Israel to see the area damaged by a devestating forest fire at the end of last year.


Netanyahu heckled, chaos at Carmel fire memorial

By Jennifer Lipman, January 6, 2011

A memorial for the victims of the Carmel forest fire descended into chaos as the crowd shouted at the Israeli Prime Minister, causing his bodyguards to intervene, and forced another government minister to leave the service.

Friends and relatives of the 44 people who died heckled Benjamin Netanyahu as he made a tribute speech at Kibbutz Beit Oren, one of the sites damaged in the blaze.

The crowd raged that they blamed the prime minister for the way in which he coordinated the response to the devastating fire last month.


Teen helps out after fire

By Jennifer Lipman, December 22, 2010

A British teenager has spent a week clearing debris from buildings ravaged by the Carmel forest fire in the Yemin Orde Youth Aliyah village.

Benjamin Winton, 19, and from Golders Green, is one of a number of people from the Anglo-Jewish community who have responded to the damage by giving up their time or money.

Home to around 500 children from disadvantaged backgrounds, many of them Ethiopian or Russian immigrants, the village is located near Haifa.


Tributes to 'hero' victim of Carmel forest fire

By Jennifer Lipman, December 21, 2010

Israel’s Prime Minister has paid tribute to the selflessness of a firefighter who died in hospital two weeks after he attempted to put out the most devastating forest fire in Israel’s history.

After visiting the parents of Danny Hayat, Benjamin Netanyahu described the family as “strong, united and brave.”

Mr Hayat, 35 and from Afula, was the 44th victim of the Carmel Forest Fires, which began flaring on December 2.


Blaze devastated our service, says Manchester-raised head of prisons

By Anshel Pfeffer, December 16, 2010

The Prisons Service is not usually the most prominent of security agencies in Israel.

But it came well and truly into the spotlight after the blaze on Mount Carmel killed 37 of its members, including cadets and instructors on a select officers' course.


Teflon Bibi turns crisis into uplift

By Nathan Jeffay, December 16, 2010

In the run up to last year's general election which made him prime minister, some pundits referred to Binyamin Netanyahu as "Teflon Netanyahu". That was to say, political and PR disasters did not seem to scathe him.