'Mutating antisemitism' causing havoc on university campuses, Baroness Deech tells House of Lords

By Rosa Doherty, October 28, 2016

Universities have become “hotbeds of anti-Jewish incidents”, the House of Lords has been told.

Baroness Deech said of three inquiries into antisemitism this year, only the report of the Home Affairs Select Committee had set out a blueprint for understanding the problem and provided a platform from which to tackle hatred.


Police called as anti-Israel activists disrupt UCL event

By Marcus Dysch, October 28, 2016

Police had to accompany Jewish students from a lecture hall at a London university after they were trapped by anti-Israel protesters.

One student claimed she had been "assaulted" while attending the talk by Hen Mazzig, an Israeli speaker, at University College London last night.


Jewish students welcome Universities UK report on combating campus antisemitism

By Marcus Dysch, October 21, 2016

University bosses should work more closely with Jewish community leaders in order to “better understand antisemitism”, a report into violence and harassment on campuses has found.


Baroness Royall report reveals Oxford Labour students engaged in antisemitism

By Marcus Dysch, August 3, 2016

The JC has obtained Baroness Royall’s full report into allegations of antisemitism among Labour-supporting students at Oxford University.

It finds that members of the Oxford University Labour Club (OULC) did engage in antisemitic acts.

"There have been some incidents of antisemitic behaviour," Baroness Royall writes.


Jewish NUS official says union’s executive is 'not a safe space' for Jews

By Josh Jackman, July 18, 2016

A senior Jewish member of the National Union of Students has had to defend herself for raising the issue of communal representation.

Izzy Lenga, who was attending today’s NEC meeting, said that its National Executive Council “isn't a safe space for us".


Frontline students

By Leader, April 26, 2016

It is not for the JC — or anyone else — to tell Jewish students what they should do about the election of Malia Bouattia as NUS president. They are the ones who bear the brunt of what happens on campus, and it is for them to decide how to react to this latest provocation.


Malia Bouattia is symbolic of the poison of the regressive Left

By Maajid Nawaz, April 20, 2016

The words below are not mine. But because of their gravity, it is important that you read them in full.

“The notion of resistance has been perhaps washed out of our understanding of how colonised people will obtain their physical emancipation...With mainstream, Zionist-led media outlets …resistance is presented as an act of terrorism.


Oxford’s Labour Club is just the tip of the iceberg

By Student Views, April 19, 2016

Ever since the widely reported resignation of Alex Chalmers from Oxford University’s Labour Club, the media has shone a spotlight on antisemitism within the Labour Party at large. The litany of abuses are shocking but, regrettably, becoming less surprising under a Labour leader who cannot see Jew hatred before his very eyes.


Pro-Israel students face boycott vote at Edinburgh University

By Naomi Firsht, March 31, 2016

Pro-Israel students at Edinburgh University are fighting to prevent a boycott motion being passed by their student union.

A Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) motion against Israel will be voted on at a council meeting of Edinburgh University Student Association on Thursday night.


Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams urges government to combat campus antisemitism

By JC Reporter, March 13, 2016

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has called on the government to act over the rise of antisemitism at British universities.

Lord Williams, who is now master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, revealed that he had written to Jo Johnson, the universities ministers, because of what he called the “muted” official response to Jew-hatred on campuses.