US anger at Israel over China bank case

By Shira Rubin, July 18, 2013

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in a political bind after pulling witnesses from a US case accusing the Bank of China of transferring money to Palestinian terror groups.

Mr Netanyahu called Israel’s US envoy Michael Oren back to Israel to discuss the crisis last weekend.

The US and Jewish groups expressed shock at the Israeli decision.


Tel Aviv Stock Exchange boss to step down

By Sandy Rashty, July 18, 2013

Esther Levanon, the CEO of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, will step down at the end of the year.

A spokesperson said the decision came “at her own request”.

A successor has yet to be announced.


I will boost Israel trade across the UK

By Hugo Bieber , July 14, 2013

Five years ago, Saul Singer and Dan Senor wrote a book whose title would come to define Israel — “Start-up Nation”.


Top job roles should be filled internally

By Alex Brummer, July 8, 2013

The appointment of Ian Livingston as the new trade minister at the House of Lords was a surprise.

Livingston, the former chief executive of the BT Group, has been credited with increasing the telecom giant’s fortune by cleaning-up services to global corporations and entering the pay TV market as a potential rival to BSkyB.


Should Israel export its natural gas?

By Sandy Rashty, July 8, 2013

Israel has made headlines with its uncovered wealth of natural gas. The fields, which hold 900bcm of natural gas, will impact citizens’ lives and boost the political and economic bargaining power of the Jewish state, according to a leading energy expert.


Nicole Farhi has gone into administration

By Sandy Rashty, July 3, 2013

High-end fashion label Nicole Farhi went into administration on Wednesday morning.

The brand, founded by the north London-based Jewish fashion designer in 1982, has run out of money, putting 120 staff members at risk. The brand has five stores and 10 concessions.


Social media could affect your firm

By Jonathan Abrams , July 1, 2013

A survey by YouGov showed that only one in eight small businesses turn to a solicitor to solve a legal problem. As a lawyer, I find this shocking, so here are my top 10 tips on managing your business, media and the law.



Our company made a profit in the recession

By Charlotte Fox , July 1, 2013

We launched Henry Fox over five years ago during the recession. It was the worst time to start a company, but it was also the making of us because we did not have a large and expensive firm to maintain.

Gaby and I were sitting by the pool in Tel Aviv when we decided to launch our recruitment company that specialises in fashion.


Billionaire trader who funded Mossad buried in Israel

By Alan Montague, June 27, 2013

Glencore founder Marc Rich, one of the most successful commodities traders of all time, has died aged 79.

Mr Rich, who made his estimated fortune of £1 .5 billion partly through selling oil to embargoed nations – most controversially to Iran during the 1979 hostage crisis – was flown from his home in Switzerland to be buried at the Kibbutz Einat cemetery, near Petah Tikvah.


He’s in the business of peace with £14m ‘capitalist kibbutz’

By Jackson Wolfe, June 27, 2013

A Jewish billionaire has just spent £14 million on a unique project to boost employment in the Israeli-Arab town of Nazareth.

Stef Wertheimer has opened an industrial park — the first in one of Israel’s Arab municipalities. “This industrial park in Nazareth is a model and a real investment in the local economy and Jewish-Arab coexistence,” he said.