British National Party

Former Tory leads BNP push for Bury

By Jonathan Kalmus, April 29, 2010

For the first time the BNP have a parliamentary candidate standing for Bury South, home to two significantly Jewish areas.

This week, election leaflets for Jean Purdy, a former Conservative activist and senior NHS nurse, landed on doormats in Whitefield and Prestwich setting out three objectives: to stop immigration, pull out troops in Afghanistan and to raise the weekly pension.

A Conservative spokesperson sought to distance the party from Ms Purdy, saying: "We disown any association with her. Their values are not ours."


Far right 'serious threat', Lib Dem candidate warns

By Jonathan Kalmus, April 29, 2010

Jewish libDem candidate Richard Baum has warned that the BNP could make significant gains in the Bury North constituency.

The area, a few miles from where Ivan Lewis and Michelle Wiseman are duelling for their seat, has around five per cent Muslims, and virtually no Jewish community.

Mr Baum says six BNP candidates standing in most of the constituency's local elections is worrying. A further four are standing in the Bury South consituency.


Jewish organisations team up to fight political racism

By Jessica Elgot, April 22, 2010

More than 50 religious organisations have lent their support to a pledge which asks UK citizens to use their votes to help fight racism and discrimination in politics.

Although the pledge does not specifically name the British National Party as the target, it urges voters to be “aware of the political forces who would seek to divide our country by promoting ideology of racism and prejudice.”

The initiative, organised by the Board of Deputies, the Jewish Council for Racial Equality and the Three Faiths Forum, has signed up 56 organisations to the pledge.


Blackley and Broughton: Election 2010

By Jonathan Kalmus, April 22, 2010

Salford's Orthodox Jewish community, the most concentrated outside London, is facing serious inroads from the BNP.

The new cross-border constituency of Blackley and Broughton takes in the strongly Jewish areas of Higher Crumpsall and Broughton Park, the latter a wealthy pocket of large houses. Nearby, however, cramped council estates in Kersal and the UK's once most deprived area of Harpurhey are fostering far-right support.


Epping Forest: Election 2010

By Bernard Josephs, April 22, 2010

The far right British National Party has appointed its first ever Jewish parliamentary candidate.

But Patricia Feldman Richardson, leader of the four strong BNP group on Epping Forest Council, insists that the party is neither antisemitic nor racist. She describes the mainstream Jewish community's hostility towards it as "blinkered" and accuses it of "demonising" BNP policies.

Her campaign has been largely aimed against what her party claims is the growing number of Muslims in the leafy Essex constituency of Epping Forest, including Loughton, Chigwell and Buckhurst Hill.


BNP withdraws candidate from Scottish seat

By Jessica Elgot and Stephanie Brickman, April 19, 2010

The BNP candidate for East Renfrewshire, which has the largest Jewish population in Scotland, has dropped out of the election race.

A spokesman for BNP Scotland confirmed that candidate Gary Raikes, who was standing against Labour MP Jim Murphy, the Secretary of State for Scotland.

Mr Raikes, who has lived in Scotland for 18 years, was a local instructor in the Army Cadet Force until 2007. He has not yet given a reason for his departure from the campaign.


Union urges papers to ban BNP adverts

By Robyn Rosen, March 25, 2010

Editors of local newspapers in London boroughs targeted by the BNP have been called on to reject political advertising by the far-right party.

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ), Bectu, the media and entertainment union, and the campaign group, Expose the BNP, have written to local newspapers in Barking and Dagenham, Romford and Havering urging them to resist pressure from the BNP.

The party is fielding 154 candidates at the general election.


School's out for BNP

By Simon Rocker, March 11, 2010

The British National Party was all set to hail a victory it no doubt hoped presaged great things to come in the next election.

Its website had an item reporting a mock-election at top London school UCS, where the BNP contender came second.

It was all a joke, the school explained: the BNP candidate stood to satirise the party and its agenda - and attributed his good poll showing to the fact that he handed out biscuits.


Michael Wolkind: I defended the BNP

By Simon Rocker, February 11, 2010

This week’s Torah portion is clear: if a thief breaks into your house at night, you are entitled to take his life — though not in daylight.

How much force householders can use against intruders is once again under debate in Britain, following the case of Munir Hussain, the Buckinghamshire businessman jailed, then freed on appeal last month, after clubbing a burglar.

Despite calls for change, Michael Wolkind QC, the barrister who represented him, believes that the law should stand as it is.


Err, thanks. Fascist pub lunch raises money for hospital

By Simon Rocker, December 10, 2009

Supporters of an extreme right-wing Hungarian party allied to the BNP have formed a group to promote its views in Britain.

Around 50 people came to a north London pub on Sunday for a meeting of the Jobbik Friends of Hungary UK, set up by Hungarian expats, according to the Jobbik party’s English website.

But describing the move as an “unwelcome development”, a Community Security Trust spokesman said: “We have more than enough of our own right-wing extremists, and do not need to import any more.”