Bright on politics

Israeli firm conspiracy: It’s probably not murky at all

By Martin Bright, October 25, 2012

It was inevitable really. The Sunday Times investigation into “generals for hire” has uncovered an alleged conspiracy involving an Israeli defence firm, a lobbying company and British supporters of the Zionist state.


Message is: support our policy of urging Netanyahu to cool it

By Martin Bright, October 18, 2012

It is not unusual for prominent politicians to speak at dinners for prestigious Jewish organisations, although it is always something of a coup when the Prime Minister turns up. Such occasions have a set protocol. The invited politician will pay due tribute to the Jewish community: its contribution to UK business, its philanthropic tradition or its respect for family values and education.


The little European problem that the Conservatives would prefer to forget

By Martin Bright, October 11, 2012

The Conservative Party has a problem with the European Union and probably always will. Though the issue of our membership of the EU remains low on the priority list of most of the electorate (ask any pollster), it concerns Tory activists and backbenchers to the point of obsession. Europe is the destroyer of Conservative governments and could yet be the downfall of the Coalition.


Something shifting in political climate

By Martin Bright, October 4, 2012

Could Ed Miliband be the first Jewish prime minister since Benjamin Disraeli? He certainly improved his chances with this year’s party conference speech in which he invoked the spirit of the father of One Nation Toryism.


What’s happened to Labour's passion and principle when the only way was ethics?

By Martin Bright, September 28, 2012

There was a time, not so long ago, when you knew where you stood with Labour Party foreign policy. Remember 1997 and that headline in the Observer: "Goodbye Xenophobia"? Robin Cook's ethical foreign policy may now be lost in the mists of New Labour nostalgia, but it was an inspirational rallying cry.


Pay attention: Simon Hughes really knows what the liberals think

By Martin Bright, September 20, 2012

Simon Hughes’s interview with the JC today should come as yet another wake-up call to supporters of Israel. Mr Hughes is not just one of the country’s most senior politicians and deputy leader of a major party; he acts as something of a touchstone for liberal opinion.


Community needs to re-think how to make Israel’s case

By Martin Bright, September 13, 2012

Supporters of Israel are losing the battle of ideas in the UK. This has probably been true for some time, if only they would admit it. But after this year’s TUC conference there is no longer any question about it, on the left at least.


Reshuffle involves two men who wouldn’t take a stand

By Martin Bright, September 6, 2012

In many ways, David Cameron’s first reshuffle was a non-event. Since coming to power two years ago, the Prime Minister has made it plain that he is aiming for consistency and continuity. He has refused to indulge in the manic reshuffling of his predecessors, believing coalition politics to be unstable enough even without a constant change of personnel.


Beware the language of suspicion

By Martin Bright, August 31, 2012

As the 2012 party conference season approaches, it is probably fair to say that the concerns of the Jewish community could not be further from the minds of the political class. Dark times produce inward-looking party conferences and discussion in the bars will be focused on the economy, whether the coalition can hold together and if the Labour Party will ever be ready to return to government.


Cristal farce may hide serious truth

By Martin Bright, August 23, 2012

There is something deeply surreal about the Moty Cristal affair. It would be comical if the principles involved were not so fundamental.