Boris Johnson

Breakfast with Boris opens smoked salmon specialist

January 22, 2009

Boris Johnson hailed “the shrine of smoked salmon” when officially opening Forman’s Fish Island in East London last Friday.

London’s Mayor joined Lance Forman and his staff and 250 guests for a champagne breakfast featuring Forman’s trademark product in the 800-
capacity events venue overlooking the Olympic Stadium development.

He then toured the smokehouse with Mr Forman, learning the secrets of the firm’s 103-year-old “London Cure” smoked salmon recipe.


Light show with Boris

By Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore, December 18, 2008

More than 3,000 people are expected in Trafalgar Square on Monday afternoon to see London Mayor Boris Johnson light a giant menorah.

To shed greater light on the proceedings, more than 1,000 torches will be distributed among the crowd and there will be jugglers, clowns, magicians and live music. The party starts at 4.30pm.

The 30-foot menorah will be lit on every night of the festival in a collaboration between the mayor’s office, the London Jewish Forum and Chabad.


Chanucah with Boris

By Leon Symons, November 27, 2008

London Mayor Boris Johnson has given the green light for a major Chanucah celebration in Trafalgar Square.

Chanucah in the Square will be held at five o'clock on December 22, the second night of the festival, when the mayor will lead a civic lighting ceremony.


Mayor opens Stamford Hill Centre

By Leon Symons, November 21, 2008

London Mayor Boris Johnson brought laughter and applause when he showed a previously unknown mastery of Yiddish while opening a new combined day centre and synagogue for Agudas Israel Housing Association's Schonfeld Square home in Stamford Hill on Thursday.


Boris backs Munich ceremony

November 20, 2008

London Mayor Boris Johnson has backed a plan to hold a commemoration at the 2012 Olympics to mark the 40th anniversary of the Munich Olympics murder of Israeli athletes. The subject was discussed at the first meeting between Mr Johnson and the London Jewish Forum at City Hall on Tuesday evening. Deputy mayor Richard Barnes said later: "The Mayor was absolutely explicit that he wants to mark the anniversary." There will be talks with the International Olympic Committee.


Boris meets forum chiefs

November 20, 2008

Senior representatives of the London Jewish Forum discussed a range of issues with London Mayor Boris Johnson and his deputy Richard Barnes at City Hall on Tuesday night.

Housing provision in Stamford Hill and developing Jewish cultural events were among topics covered during the hour-long meeting.

Also on the agenda was establishing a common contract across London's boroughs for welfare services, which would help charities like Jewish Care.


Boris praises Jewish Londoners

By Leon Symons, July 18, 2008

Boris Johnson helped the Board of Deputies to attract a big turnout for its president’s dinner at London’s Royal Lancaster Hotel last week.

The London Mayor entertained the 400 guests at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in stitches with a string of amusing anecdotes and asides.

He later paid tribute to the audience for helping him through his speech. “I had a very busy day and I was shattered when I arrived in the room. I had nothing to say but they made it so easy for me to talk about what I want to do.


Chinn sets out plan to aid London’s poor

By Candice Krieger, July 3, 2008

Sir Trevor Chinn, the newly appointed chair of the Mayor’s Fund for London, says he plans to use his experience working in deprived areas of Israel to help transform London.

A Labour supporter and philanthropist, Sir Trevor, 72, was approached by the new Conservative mayor Boris Johnson to head the fund, which will tap private wealth to help tackle London’s social problems.


Allan Conway on Boris Johnson — he’s not the fool he can appear to be

By Candice Krieger, May 16, 2008

Newly elected London mayor Boris Johnson is a free-spirited, individualistic person, who is constantly on the look out for new opportunities and has the ability to get others to act on his own ideas. So says graphologist Allan Conway, who has just analysed a sample of the mayor’s handwriting.


Boris picks Jewish talent for City Hall

By Dana Gloger, May 9, 2008

The new mayor of London this week set out several key pledges that will benefit the Jewish community.

Boris Johnson said he would work to provide more affordable housing, especially that of a size suitable for those with larger families.

Many in London’s Charedi community, who live mainly in Stamford Hill, suffer severe overcrowding, with sometimes as many as 11 people living in a two-bedroom flat.