Boris Johnson

Chinn sets out plan to aid London’s poor

By Candice Krieger, July 3, 2008

Sir Trevor Chinn, the newly appointed chair of the Mayor’s Fund for London, says he plans to use his experience working in deprived areas of Israel to help transform London.

A Labour supporter and philanthropist, Sir Trevor, 72, was approached by the new Conservative mayor Boris Johnson to head the fund, which will tap private wealth to help tackle London’s social problems.


Allan Conway on Boris Johnson — he’s not the fool he can appear to be

By Candice Krieger, May 16, 2008

Newly elected London mayor Boris Johnson is a free-spirited, individualistic person, who is constantly on the look out for new opportunities and has the ability to get others to act on his own ideas. So says graphologist Allan Conway, who has just analysed a sample of the mayor’s handwriting.


Boris picks Jewish talent for City Hall

By Dana Gloger, May 9, 2008

The new mayor of London this week set out several key pledges that will benefit the Jewish community.

Boris Johnson said he would work to provide more affordable housing, especially that of a size suitable for those with larger families.

Many in London’s Charedi community, who live mainly in Stamford Hill, suffer severe overcrowding, with sometimes as many as 11 people living in a two-bedroom flat.


ZF under fire for ‘plugging’ Boris event

By Simon Rocker, April 18, 2008

The hotly contested election for mayor of London this week sparked accusations of inappropriate attempts to canvass Jewish votes.

The Jewish Labour Movement has complained to the Zionist Federation for sending out an email circular which publicised Conservative challenger Boris Johnson’s visit to North-West London last Sunday.

In another incident on the same day, Nicky Gavron, the Labour deputy mayor, drew protests for plugging Ken Livingstone’s bid for re-election at a Holocaust play in the West End.


With bagels and kippah, Boris goes native in NW11

By Bernard Josephs, April 18, 2008

The belief that a successful politician requires a cast-iron stomach was given credence by London mayoral candidate Boris Johnson as he battled to win Jewish votes in North-West London on Sunday.

Appearing just a touch queasy, the Tory challenger to Ken Livingstone told an adoring crowd that he had “never eaten so much salt beef and so many bagels in my life”.

It seemed that food, rather than politics, was the main item on the menu as Mr Johnson’s bagel-laden battlebus progressed from kosher restaurant to kosher restaurant in the Jewish heartland of North-West London.


Reject the support of Islamists

By David Toube, April 18, 2008

Labour and Lib-Dem politicians should condemn endorsements from radical Muslims


Boris visit to rabbis

By Cathy Forman, March 21, 2008

As the official race for the office of London Mayor was launched this week, the Conservative candidate, Boris Johnson, courted the Jewish vote by launching his campaign in Golders Green.