Board of Deputies

Reform on Board for birthday

March 3, 2011

To celebrate the Board of Deputies' 250th anniversary, the Movement for Reform Judaism and West London Synagogue co-hosted an interfaith Shabbat.

Led by West London rabbis Debbie Young-Somers, Danny Burkeman and Helen Freeman, it attracted a diverse congregation of 400, including past and present Board leaders and represenatives from a number of embassies.


Jewish concerns over clock change plan

February 24, 2011

The Board of Deputies has warned of the "detrimental effect" on religious life if plans to make dawn and dusk an hour later are adopted.


UK pushes for two states 'by September'

By Simon Rocker, February 24, 2011

The Board of Deputies has asked for a meeting with Foreign Secretary William Hague amid concern that the UK government holds Israel responsible for the deadlock in the Middle East peace process and is


Wineman's olive branch in Israel row

By Simon Rocker, February 3, 2011

Board of Deputies president Vivian Wineman has offered to meet signatories of a petition calling on the Board to declare support for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

More than 1,000 people signed an online letter after Deputies last month rejected a resolution in support of two states which had been proposed by its executive.

The petition was organised by Hannah Weisfeld, who is planning the launch of a new Israel campaign group inspired by the American J Street.

Ms Weisfeld said the signatories included many "professional and lay leaders of our community".


JLC trip: hackles rose

By Simon Rocker, January 20, 2011

Ironically, the Board of Deputies leaders had never intended its position on Israel to become a matter of controversy. They had agreed Sunday's debate largely in response to deputies champing at the bit to express their opinion of the outspoken criticisms of Israeli policy made by UJIA chairman, and JLC executive committee chairman, Mick Davis two months ago.

Mr Davis's intervention served only to increase suspicions among some deputies that the JLC was pursuing an independent foreign policy which undercut the role of the Board.


Deputies hardly covered in glory

By Marcus Dysch, January 20, 2011

Two months after Mick Davis's comments rocked the community, the Board of Deputies finally found time to discuss the fallout and landed itself in a pickle entirely of its own making.

With ill-feeling about the role of the JLC and general unease over Vivian Wineman's stewardship, there was always the potential for Sunday's Israel debate to spill over into wider squabbling.

Many deputies are erudite political and business leaders, but too many are out of touch with the modern world and vastly overestimate the Board's influence at home and abroad.


JLC forced to scrap first West Bank visit

By Marcus Dysch, January 20, 2011

The Jewish Leadership Council has postponed a trip to meet Palestinian leaders in the West Bank following an angry reaction from community representatives.

Chairman Vivian Wineman had been due to travel to Ramallah next month with other council members including Sir Trevor Chinn and Rosalind Preston. They would have met Palestinian Authority officials and members of non-governmental organisations such as Oxfam and War on Want.

The JLC had also proposed that a representative of the Office of the Chief Rabbi join the touring group.


Deputies two-state solution Middle East row

By Simon Rocker, January 20, 2011

Board of Deputies leaders were left trying to salvage its Israel policy this week after members threw out a resolution that declared support for a two-state solution in the Middle East.

Despite the convincing rejection of the motion, Board president Vivian Wineman insisted that most deputies still remained in favour of the concept of a two-state peace between Israel and the Palestinians.


Deputies' bloody Sunday?

By Simon Rocker, January 17, 2011

It is two months since UJIA chairman Mick Davis took the community by surprise with the vehemence of his critique of the Israeli government. He said that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu lacked the courage to advance the peace process, described some Knesset bills as offensive and warned that Israel faced becoming an apartheid state if there were no two-state solution.


Jewish leader threatened at LSE Israel debate

By Robyn Rosen, January 14, 2011

A senior LSE professor allegedly threatened to “slap” the senior vice-president of the Board of Deputies, Jonathan Arkush, following a debate at the university.

The incident occurred after the LSE student union’s Israel Society and Palestine Society held a joint debate last night entitled: “This house believes in an academic boycott of Israel”.