Board of Deputies

George Osborne: Board of Deputies speech in full

November 24, 2010

Chief Rabbi, Ambassador, ladies and gentlemen – good evening.

And thank you Lawrence for the very kind introduction.

Let me start by saying that it is a huge pleasure to be here tonight to address such a distinguished audience on such a special occasion.

In every walk of life and across every aspect of our civil society, from business to charity, from the arts to the sciences, I can see many people here who have made a massive contribution to British life.

I am delighted to be your guest.


Board tells Queen mazal tov during Castle visit

By Robyn Rosen, November 18, 2010

A board of Deputies delegation visited the Queen this week to wish her mazal tov on her grandson's engagement and discuss its 250th anniversary.

Board president, Vivian Wineman, senior vice president, Jonathan Arkush, treasurer, Laurence Brass, vice presidents Paul Edlin and Jerry Lewis and chief executive Jon Benjamin were accompanied by the president of the Elders of the Spanish and Portuguese Congregation, Alfred Magnus to a private audience with the Queen at
Windsor Castle on Wednesday.


William and Kate wished Mazel Tov on royal engagement

By Katie Taylor, November 16, 2010

It's official. Prince William and Kate Middleton have finally decided to tie the knot.

The couple who have been together for nine years have decided on a spring/summer wedding, 2011 – 30 years after the ill-fated marriage of the Prince’s parents.

It has been reported that William proposed to Kate in late October on a private holiday in Kenya.

So the next question remains, what does one give as an engagement present to the second in line to the throne and his future queen?


Dastardly Dick's dig

By Simon Rocker, November 4, 2010

The Board of Deputies' 250th anniversary bash with Tony Blair has sold so well, it's being moved to a larger venue.

Expect further snarls from Indie columnist Richard Ingrams, who recently had a go at Blair and the Board, calling it a "body of self-appointed worthies who make it their business to defend the interests of their country against its critics". (By "their country", he means "Israel".)


Board and JLC improving ties

By Simon Rocker, October 21, 2010

The Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council have agreed to set up a joint liaison committee to improve co-operation.

It will comprise three members each from the Board and JLC. The Board's representatives will be chosen from its executive and elected by deputies.

The Board's international division has also instigated a new "rapid response" group to co-ordinate reaction to events in Israel and a working group on European antisemitism. The Israel group will be chaired by Danny Handler, the European antisemitism group by David Safir.


Osborne for Board bash

By Simon Rocker, October 14, 2010

Chancellor George Osborne will join the Board of Deputies for their 250th anniversary dinner next month (one place at least where he can avoid the word "cuts"). Meanwhile, fellow speaker Tony Blair, who can fetch up to £200,000 for a lecture, has waived his fee.


Board slams West Bank mosque arson

October 7, 2010

The Board of Deputies has deplored an arson attack on a West Bank mosque which is thought to have been the work of Jewish militants.

There could be "no excuse for this heinous act, which included the desecration of Islam's holiest text", a statement from the Board said.


Blair bonus for board

By Simon Rocker, September 7, 2010

The words "crowd-puller" and "Board of Deputies" do not normally go hand in hand. But last week's Institute of Jewish Studies' conference on the Board's 250th anniversary proved such an attraction that some people had to sit in the aisles. One grateful guest even handed Board treasurer Laurence Brass a £500 cheque.

He will be hoping for similar largesse at the Board's 250th celebration dinner in November – whose guest of honour I can reveal will be Tony Blair.


Deputies at mosque exhibition

By Simon Rocker, August 12, 2010

A Board of Deputies delegation toured an exhibition on Islam's relations with other faiths at the Islamic Cultural Centre at the Regents Park Mosque in London.

Shahid Munir, director of research for Exhibition Islam, reported "a lot of enthusiasm from the Jewish community" for the display.

A particular highlight, he said, was a rare showing "of Torah scrolls which were written across the Islamic world where sofers [scribes] wrote in many exquisite styles".

Rabbis were also taken around the exhibition by Mehri Niknam, founder of interfaith charity the Joseph Foundation.


Israel boycotters pitch up in Waitrose

By Robyn Rosen, August 5, 2010

Security guards were forced to remove protesters who pitched a tent in the aisle of a Waitrose store and spent an hour urging shoppers not to buy Israeli goods.

The protest was organised by Brighton Jordan Valley Solidarity and its supporters included Simon Levin, one of the seven activists cleared last month of damaging an arms factory after successfully claiming they had acted to prevent Israeli "war crimes".

Staff called police after 10 protesters refused to move from the store in Western Road, Brighton.