Board of Deputies

Board man who blasted 'unaccountable' JLC forced to make humiliating apology

By Simon Rocker, March 1, 2012

The senior vice-president of the Board of Deputies, Jonathan Arkush, who launched an outspoken attack on the Jewish Leadership Council a week ago, this week made a public apology.

In a letter circulated to deputies by the Board, Mr Arkush said that he accepted his remarks were "inappropriate". He blamed them on being "unwell".


I'm sorry: the Arkush letter

March 1, 2012

Following last week's JC coverage, I felt it important that I clarify my recent remarks.

The JLC plays a vital role in the infrastructure of our community. It provides a much-needed vehicle for collective strategic planning and action, and has done a huge amount to enhance advocacy work for our community. The JLC has added immense value to all of its members, including the Board of Deputies.


Second woman enters vice-presidency race

By Simon Rocker, February 23, 2012

A second woman is to stand for the vice-presidency of the Board of Deputies following Mitzvah Day founder Laura Marks's decision to enter the ring.

South Hampstead Synagogue member Denise Lester, who has 12 years' experience on the Board, will contest one of the three vice-presidential posts in the spring elections.

Two of the current vice-presidents, Jonathan Arkush and Jerry Lewis, are eli


Board vice-president's attack on JLC prompts open warfare

By Simon Rocker, February 23, 2012

An extraordinary row over who leads British Jewry broke out this week after the senior vice-president of the Board of Deputies, Jonathan Arkush, launched a scathing attack on the Jewish Leadership Council.


Laura marks her Board card for May polls

By Simon Rocker, February 9, 2012

Laura Marks, head of a commission to encourage more women to lead the Jewish community, will stand for election as vice-president of the Board of Deputies in May.

But controversy was brewing this week over a rule change proposed by a rival candidate, which would effectively scupper her bid.

Ms Marks, founder of Mitzvah Day and head of the commission on women set up by the Jewish Leadership C


Board reject Guardian boycott

By Marcus Dysch, January 16, 2012

A proposal to boycott the Guardian newspaper has been rejected by the Board of Deputies.

After debating the newspaper's reporting of Jewish and Israel issues, deputies at Sunday's plenary meeting chose to not hold a vote on the motion which had urged "all who oppose antisemitism to refrain from buying the Guardian or advertising in it".


Board of Deputies is courting the youth vote

By Simon Rocker, January 12, 2012

Board of Deputies joint vice-president Jerry Lewis has launched an initiative to give the vote to under-35s acting as observers before the next triennial elections in summer.

Three years ago, the Board introduced a scheme enabling synagogues or organisations that already have a seat at the Board to send an additional representative aged under 35 as an observer without an additional affiliation


Board urges FCO to police Palestinian site

By Marcus Dysch, December 1, 2011

The Board of Deputies has clashed with the Foreign Office over the content of articles on the website of the Palestinian Mission in Britain.

President Vivian Wineman said the Board was "pretty angry" that the Foreign Office had refused to take action over the mission's promotion of work by Israeli-born antisemite Gilad Atzmon.

The website publishes news and information about the Palestinian


Board names educator

By Simon Rocker, November 17, 2011

Sara Leviten has joined the Board of Deputies as its new education policy and projects manager.

Ms Leviten's wealth of communal experience includes previous roles as provincial director of the Association for Jewish Youth and youth and student director of the Reform movement.

More recently, as a community development officer for Haringey Council, she has aided the local Charedi community.


Fiasco sheds light on New Order

By Geoffrey Alderman, November 14, 2011

On this page on July 29 I offered an analysis of the lecture given to the Board of Deputies by Mick Davis, UJIA chair and chief trustee of the Jewish Leadership Council. I explained that in his address Davis had mapped out the New Order that he and the JLC intended to impose upon British Jewry.