Board of Deputies

A closely fought contest

By Simon Rocker, May 14, 2015

When the Board of Deputies' would-be presidents make their final pitch for votes on Sunday, they will have already taken part in four hustings in a fortnight.

No Jewish community election in recent history has been so closely fought or demanded such commitment from its candidates.


Bunfight over Board election

May 14, 2015

Now the Board of Deputies election has really begun to hot up - over an invitation to coffee and cake.

Presidential contender Laura Marks has asked all deputies to a Q &A reception in a hotel on Sunday morning immediately before the Board meeting to choose its next leader


Our future must be built on respect

By Vivian Wineman, May 14, 2015

On May 31, when I step down as President of the Board of Deputies I shall do so with mixed feelings. It will be a pleasure to regain control of my life, to attempt to realise some lifelong ambitions and, above all, to focus more on my much cherished but long-suffering family.


Laura Marks: 'brave leaders change their mind'

By Simon Rocker, May 13, 2015

Laura Marks has defended herself as a “brave, decisive leader” after earlier being accused of “flip-flopping” by one of her rivals to be president for Board of Deputies.


JC/Board of Deputies hustings - live stream

May 11, 2015

Watch the live stream of the JC/Board of Deputies hustings here.

Stephen Pollard chairs hustings with the three presidential candidates for the Board of Deputies, Laura Marks, Alex Brummer and Jonathan Arkush. Also follow and contribute on Twitter using the hashtag #BODHustings.


Board president is not a part-time job, says Laura Marks

By JC Reporter, May 11, 2015

The three candidates to become president of the Board of Deputies are split over how much time should be devoted to the job.

Speaking at a hustings on Sunday, barrister Jonathan Arkush and Alex Brummer, who is a journalist, both gave assurances that they would be able to fit in the role with their working commitments.


Laura Marks accused of 'flip-flopping' by rival for Board president Alex Brummer

By Sandy Rashty, May 6, 2015

Board of Deputies presidential candidate Alex Brummer has dismissed his rival Laura Marks, describing her as “flip-flopping”.

Speaking at a Liberal and Reform Judaism hustings on Wednesday, Mr Brummer said: “Here we have a candidate standing to be president of the Board of Deputies, who moved from a Reform Synagogue to join a United Synagogue one.


Three leaders, but only one can win in the battle for the Board's top job

May 6, 2015

The vote for Board of Deputies president takes place this month. Here the candidates answer the JC’s questions


Jonathan Arkush.jpg


It's a three-way fight in Board president election as nominations close

By Simon Rocker, May 1, 2015

The election for president of the Board of Deputies will be a three horse-race after nominations closed today.

Its three vice-presidents, Jonathan Arkush (Borehamwood and Elstree Synagogue), Alex Brummer (United Synagogue) and Laura Marks (Movement for Reform Judaism), will fight it out to succeed outgoing leader Vivian Wineman on May 17.


Ed Miliband on the Board of Deputies' Jewish Manifesto

April 29, 2015

Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour Party leader Ed Miliband have responded to the Board of Deputies’ Jewish Manifesto. See Ed Miliband's video response here.