Lee Petar goes from Bicom to doing PR for the Sheikh of Dubai

By Candice Krieger, June 5, 2008

When Lee Petar, the former director of communications at Bicom, left to set up his own PR firm, he probably did not envisage that one of his first major deals would involve advising the emirate of Dubai.

Mr Petar, who co-founded Tetra Strategy seven months ago, recently won the account to advise the emirate — one of the United Arab Emirates — on strategic communications and reputation management. The deal, reportedly worth around £500,000, is one of the biggest PR deals this year. “It’s a real communications challenge and a real opportunity for me,” Mr Petar tells People.


Defending Israel? Anger works

By Geoffrey Alderman, April 17, 2008

Advice recently given by PR experts on how to promote Israel in the media was wrong

How does one best put Israel’s case in public? This was the theme of the recent conference hosted by Bicom. Unfortunately, I was unable to accept my invitation to attend because of pressing family commitments. However, had I done so I suspect I would have summoned up the courage to disagree with the advice apparently given by some of the presenters, and reported in last week’s JC.