Bernie Madoff

How I avoided becoming a Madoff victim

By Paul Berger, December 10, 2009

Like many of his peers, philanthropist Charles Bronfman, an heir to the Seagram’s whisky fortune, was offered a chance to invest with Bernard Madoff.

“I’m no maven on financial stuff,” says Mr Bronfman, explaining that he referred the opportunity to his financial advisor.


Madoff - we may never know truth

By Candice Krieger, December 9, 2009

Since the Bernard Madoff scandal broke a year ago, thousands of investors who lost their livelihoods have been left outraged as to how Madoff — a former chairman of the NASDAQ stock market who ran Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities (BMIS) — was able to commit such a fraud, and over such a long period of time.


Bernie Madoff watches, jewels and furs auctioned

By Jessica Elgot, November 10, 2009

Fraudster Bernie Madoff will have his personal belongings auctioned this weekend, including 16 Rolex watches, a milking stool and five fur jackets.

Madoff is currently serving a 150 year prison sentence for a multi-million dollar fraud where more than 13,000 people lost money through the collapse of his firm Madoff Securities.

The money raised from the auction will go directly to the victims of the Madoff fraud.

It will take place at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers on Seventh Avenue in New York on Saturday.


The Levene coverage stinks

By Alex Brummer, October 29, 2009

In some respects it has not been a bad financial crisis for Jews. After all, several of the heroes who rebuilt the system post the great panic — including the Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke and International Monetary Fund boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn — have been drawn from our community. But if you followed the media, this would have barely registered.


Madoff's inside circle

By Simon Rocker, October 22, 2009

He may have had to ditch his yachts and luxury homes but at least Bernie Madoff has some interesting prison company. The billionaire fraudster is, according to US legal papers, hobnobbing inside with ex-Mafioso Carmine Persico and Jonathan Pollard, the naval analyst convicted of spying for Israel.

They certainly have time to get to know each other. Persico and Pollard are doing life, while Madoff has another 149 years to go.


Bernie Madoff's cancer scare

By Jessica Elgot, August 24, 2009

Bernie Madoff, who was sentenced to 150 years in prison for defrauding clients of $65 billion may be dying of cancer.

The 71-year-old is serving his sentence in Butner Federal Correctional Complex in North Carolina.

He told inmates he did not expect to live much longer, according to the New York Post.

There had been speculation during his trial that he may be suffering from pancreatic cancer.

An inmate said: “He's been taking about 20 pills a day for his cancer. He talks about it all the time. He's not doing very well."


Bernie Madoff: the musical

By Jessica Elgot, August 21, 2009
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There's been Tony Blair the Musical and Jerry Springer the Opera, but now a group of Yale students, who are part of Magevet, Yale University's Jewish, Hebrew and Israeli a-cappella singers have created the inevitable Madoff! The Musical.

The group's "spring-jam" featured a cast of 17 in tuxedo and cocktail dresses who sang comedy numbers and a few Hebrew tunes.


What made Madoff do it? Revenge

By Adam Lebor, August 20, 2009

They called him “Uncle Bernie” or “The Jewish T-Bill”, after US Treasury Bills, the dullest and most secure investment. With his silver hair, Savile Row suits and avuncular manner, Bernard Madoff radiated solidity, security and honesty. He was a bastion of Wall Street, where he ran an enormously successful, legitimate, share-trading operation as well as his fraudulent investment scheme.


Don’t sneer at Madoff’s wife

By Miriam Shaviv, July 16, 2009

Why does Ruth Madoff inspire such vitriol? According to the New York Times, the wife of fraudster Bernie Madoff, who is now serving a 150-year sentence for running a massive Ponzi scheme, is “the loneliest woman in New York City”.


Sonja Kohn — her bank statement

July 9, 2009

Sonja Kohn has repeatedly denied receiving payments from Bernie Madoff and denied knowing that Madoff was running a Ponzi scheme, telling journalists, “I am his biggest victim”.

A representative of Bank Medici told the JC, “Bank Medici and the Kohn family are victims of Mr Madoff. Both Bank Medici and the Kohn family had substantial investment in the Herald Funds. Bank Medici was active in institutional business and only eight customers of Bank Medici AG were invested in Madoff funds. Their combined total investment is a one digit million Euro sum.