Father makes abuse claim after 50 years

By Dana Gloger, July 10, 2008

Police have taken a statement from a man who claims to have been abused on a holiday organised by a Jewish charity 50 years ago. 

Brian Ingram, 59, from Hampstead, North-West London, told police that children were beaten with a belt on a trip to Seaford, Sussex, with the Jewish Children’s Holiday Fund, which provides free trips for deprived youngsters. He also said he was made to lick toilet seats.


Gaza journalist ‘beaten’ by IDF

By Ben Lynfield, July 4, 2008

A Palestinian journalist returning from a visit to the UK to receive an award has been hospitalised with fractured ribs and breathing difficulties following  what he claimed was abuse by Israeli security officials.

Mohammed Omer, 24, told the JC by phone from his bed in Gaza’s European Hospital that on June 26 at the Allenby Bridge Crossing into the West Bank he was strip-searched, questioned in an abusive manner and physically harmed, including being shaken and dragged across the floor.


Brutal Paris attack raises new fears for community’s safety

By Shirli Sitbon, June 27, 2008

As the latest young Jewish victim of a violent attack in France woke up from his coma on Monday, debate was reignited on the safety and future of the county’s Jewish community.

Rudy Haddad, 17, was wearing a kippah when he was beaten by between 15 and 30 teenagers of black African origin wielding metal bars. The incident, which occurred on Shabbat afternoon, was initially described by French authorities as antisemitic. 

The attack took place in Paris’s multi-ethnic 19th district, which has large Jewish, Arab and black populations.


Charedi youth beaten unconscious by teen gang

By Leon Symons, June 19, 2008

A teenage boy was attacked and beaten unconscious by a gang of up to eight youths while on his way to his home in North London on Sunday afternoon.

The gang, thought to be aged between 10 and 14, then ran off with his kippah and tefillin, leaving the 15-year-old unconscious on the pavement, with bruises around his eye and nose, and bleeding from a cut lip.

The youth, who lives in Stamford Hill, was taken to Homerton Hospital by the Hatzolah ambulance service and was kept in overnight for observation.


Shtreimel gangs target Charedim

By Dana Gloger, May 29, 2008

Charedi men have been targeted by muggers who have stolen their fur shtreimels in a wave of attacks across North-East London.

The incidents have all taken place in Stamford Hill, which is home to the largest Charedi community in Europe.

Two of the attacks happened last Friday evening and in the early hours of Saturday. 


Rape charges denied

By Leon Symons, May 29, 2008

An Israeli living in Golders Green appeared at Harrow Crown Court on Wednesday facing two counts of attempted rape and one of sexual assault.

Shay Kaldron, 32, pleaded not guilty to the charge of sexual assault. He did not enter a plea for the two counts of attempted rape as an application to have them dismissed will be heard next month.


Young thugs attack Leeds blind man

By Craig Silver, May 29, 2008

A blind man sustained facial injuries in a vicious attack by a group of youths outside a Leeds shopping centre on Sunday.

Simon Rosenstone, 28, of Alwoodley, suffered a bloodied nose and a black eye in the random attack as he walked towards the bus stop on Infirmary Street. He was punched and kicked before managing to escape. Two women who witnessed the attack took him to Holbeck police station.

“It was a cowardly assault”, Mr Rosenstone told the JC. “I don’t believe there was a racial motive. They were just thugs.”


Rabbi on run after child is forced to drink solvent

By Eric Silver, April 10, 2008

Israel is seeking the extradition of a strictly Orthodox rabbi, Elior Chen, who fled to Canada after being accused of instructing a mother of eight to brutally abuse her children as a means of “cleansing” and “educating” them.

The case, the second of its kind in recent weeks involving Charedi families, has shocked Israelis.


Israeli faces sex attack charges

April 10, 2008

Israeli Shay Kaldron, 32, of Golders Green, has been charged with attempted rape and two counts of sexual assault. He did not enter a plea at Hendon magistrates last month. He is due at Harrow Crown Court on May 28.