V&A releases record of art confiscated by the Nazis

By Rosa Doherty, January 23, 2014

The Victoria and Albert museum is to make public a definitive list of “degenerate” art confiscated by the Nazis.

The inventory contains details of 16,558 works taken by the regime from museums and art galleries in Germany during 1937 and 1938.


London artist thanks Israel Museum at a gala dinner that raises £900,000

By Julia Weiner, December 16, 2013

Close to £900,000 was raised at a gala dinner organised by the British Friends of the Art Museums of Israel (BFAMI) at the Roundhouse to fund educational projects at the Israel Museum, Tel Aviv Museum and other museums of Israel.


An ‘icon of modern art’ goes on sale

By Charlotte Oliver, December 6, 2013

The last known painting by Jewish artist Jankel Adler will be auctioned next week by Christie’s London, after being kept as a family heirloom for more than 60 years.

The work, entitled Composition, was bought by the modernist painter Pip Benveniste in 1950, shortly after Mr Adler’s death.

It was later inherited by her son Paul Vaughan, also a painter, who now lives in Tunisia.


Historic haggadah found in Manchester sells for £210,000

By Rosa Doherty, November 22, 2013

An 18th-century haggadah, discovered in a cardboard box, has sold at auction for £210,000.

The Hebrew manuscript, dating from 1726, fetched £60,000 more than had been expected.

The buyer is an Austrian Jewish collector who wanted to remain anonymous.

Bill Forrest of Adam Partridge Auctioneers confirmed: “The buyer wanted his identity to be kept secret.


Obey! Or is that oy vey? Who knew - the Doctor and the Daleks are Jewish

By Simon Rocker, November 21, 2013

For many, the long-awaited television event of the year will finally arrive tomorrow night when the BBC shows the 50th anniversary episode of what must now be its most famous programme, Doctor Who.


Hull is city of culture - and we’re gonna gerron with it

By Maureen Lipman, November 21, 2013

Being From Hull and Jewish and a woman, the triple whammy, generally one feels like saying, when asked to go there, “what’s second prize?”. But not today.

Today I woke up and found myself besieged by requests to big up my beleaguered home town on TV, radio and press, on the grounds that Hull has been named City of Culture 2017.


Looted art: Gurlitt 'wants his paintings back'

By Marcus Dysch, November 18, 2013

The reclusive German pensioner accused of hoarding more than 1,400 pieces of art thought to have been looted by the Nazis has said he wants to keep the collection.

Cornelius Gurlitt said he "loved" the paintings and wanted authorities to conclude their investigation so "I can finally have my pictures back".


Looted Nazi art: Germany’s ‘conspiracy of silence’

By Marcus Dysch, November 7, 2013

Restitution experts have condemned the German authorities’ handling of the discovery of a hoard of Nazi-looted artwork in a Munich flat.

Investigators faced a furious backlash after they admitted the haul of almost 1,400 paintings had been found two years ago and kept secret until a German magazine reported the case last weekend.


Nazi-looted art revealed in Munich

By Marcus Dysch, November 5, 2013

Dozens of previously unseen artworks were among the hundreds of Nazi-looted pieces discovered in Germany, it has been revealed.

German authorities displayed paintings by Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse and other renowned artists during a press conference in Munich on Tuesday morning.


Anthony Caro: A man who carved his own place in history

By Julia Weiner, October 30, 2013

Sir Anthony Caro, who died following a heart attack last week, aged 89, was widely regarded as Britain’s greatest sculptor.

He was born in New Malden, Surrey, in 1924. Although his great-grandfather had been a rabbi, he did not have a strict Jewish upbringing and remembered struggling with Hebrew lessons. He was educated at Charterhouse and Christ’s College, Cambridge.