St Andrews student expelled over anti-Jewish racial abuse

August 23, 2011

A St Andrews University student has been expelled after he was found guilty of racially abusing a Jewish post-graduate.

Drunken Paul Donnachie rubbed his genitals before wiping his hands on a flag of Israel pinned to Chanan Reitblat's wall.

The offence took place in the early hours of March 12 in a hall of residence in St Andrews.


Australia to boycott Durban review conference

By Dan Goldberg, August 23, 2011

Australia has joined America, Canada, Israel and several European nations in withdrawing from the controversial UN conference on racism next month.

A spokesperson for Prime Minister Julia Gillard confirmed Tuesday that she was not convinced that "unbalanced criticism of Israel and the airing of antisemitic views" would be avoided, her spokesperson said.


Arsenal fan site drops use of Magen Davids as insult

By Jessica Elgot, August 19, 2011

The administrators of an Arsenal fan forum which used stars of David to denote which users had failed to donate to the site have apologised and promised to change the symbol.

The administrators of the site were adamant that the symbol was used because of the nickname for their football rivals, Tottenham Hotspur, is the Yids.


Egg throwers are arrested

August 18, 2011

Hackney police arrested five men for racially aggravated common assault after eggs were thrown at Jewish community members in Fairholt Road, Stoke Newington, late on Sunday.

The suspects' vehicle was stopped by officers and the men were taken to Romford Police Station. Three of the men received cautions.

No further action was taken against the other two.


President to go early?

By Jonathan Kalmus, August 8, 2011

Manchester Jewish Representative Council president Lucille Cohen is considering stepping down early from the three-year post as her presidential workload has encroached on family commitments.


Blues failed Yossi, say fans

By Jennifer Lipman, August 4, 2011

Chelsea FC's decision formally to complain about antisemitic abuse directed at Israeli midfielder Yossi Benayoun by Malaysian football fans has been met with a mixed reaction.

The swift action was praised by the Community Security Trust and the Zionist Federation, along with anti-racism group Kick it Out.


Ebay book arrives with hate graffiti

By Jessica Elgot, August 4, 2011

Police are investigating after antisemitic graffiti and swastikas were discovered on an invoice for books sent from Britain to Israel via eBay.

Israeli Faith Romano said she was shocked to discover the words "Hitler", "SS" and "Jude" on an invoice sent to her son Michael, 24, who lives in Roash Hay'ayin.

The invoice, which accompanied the book Sumo: From Rite to Sport, was sent from eBay sal


The Jews in the Secret Nazi Reports on Popular Opinion in Germany, 1933-1945

By David Cesarani, August 1, 2011

By Otto Dov Kulka and Eberhard Jäckel
Yale University Press, £100


Malaysia sorry for Benayoun abuse - if it took place

By Jennifer Lipman, July 29, 2011

The Malaysian Football Association has weighed in to the row over alleged antisemitic abuse directed at Israeli Chelsea player Yossi Benayoun at a match in Kuala Lumpur last week.


Manchester outstrips London in hate crime

By Jonathan Kalmus, July 29, 2011

Manchester has overtaken London as the UK area with the highest number of antisemitic incidents.

Community Security Trust statistics for the first half of 2011 show a 27 per cent rise in incidents in Greater Manchester, with 121 reported crimes. The London figure was 98, a drop of nearly a quarter on the same period last year.