Murder victim buried as fears grow for Yemen community

By Nathan Jeffay, July 5, 2012

He left the bosom of his family to improve its lot — and came back in a coffin. Last week, a Jewish man who was cruelly murdered in Yemen, was buried in his family’s Israeli hometown of Rehovot.


MEP of antisemitic Hungarian party discovers he is Jewish

By Ruth Ellen Gruber, July 5, 2012

Hungary’s Jews revelled in the ironic news that a leader of the country’s notoriously antisemitic, anti-Roma Jobbik party is technically Jewish — and the grandson of an Auschwitz survivor.


Fines for egg-throwing students who screamed 'oi, Jews'

By Bernard Josephs, July 5, 2012

A peaceful December Friday night in north-west London was disrupted when raw eggs and insults were hurled at groups of Jews walking along Golders Green Road, a court has heard.

In what magistrate Philip Sethil described as a “crazy” act, four students were found guilty of carrying out the attacks and were fined £415 each, some of which will be paid in compensation to their victims.


East End street where Jews were safe from antisemitism

By Jennifer Lipman, July 5, 2012

An East-End street described as a haven against antisemitism and British fascism is being remembered in a BBC TV documentary this week.

Arnold Circus, in Shoreditch, was once a Victorian slum with up to 60 people living in each house and an average life expectancy of 16.


In Ukraine, football helps us tackle Nazis

By Toby Axelrod, June 21, 2012

Pavel Klymenko is a man of convictions. He used to express them on the streets of Kiev, in hand-to-hand combat with neo-Nazis. Today, he fights racism and antisemitism in another way: with words and watchfulness.


Award to ref who made anti-Jewish comments revoked

By Jessica Elgot, June 21, 2012

The Manchester Football Association has withdrawn the offer of honorary membership to a refereeing official who made racist comments about concentration camps before a Manchester Jewish Soccer League match.


MEP attacks invitation to 'offensive' Polish priest

By Marcus Dysch and Josh Jackman, June 14, 2012

a conservative MEP has attacked colleagues for inviting a Polish priest accused of repeated antisemitism to speak in the European Parliament.

Marina Yannakoudakis said she felt “let down” by Polish MEP Mirosław Piotrowski’s invitation to Father Tadeusz Rydzyk.


Arrests over latest 'antisemitic' attack in France

By Jennifer Lipman, June 12, 2012

Three men have been arrested in France in connection with an alleged antisemitic attack on a Jewish teenager in a Paris suburb.

The 18-year-old was walking in the street on Friday when he was set upon by three men who stole his phone and shouted antisemitic abuse at him.


Controversy over European Parliament invite to Polish priest

By Josh Jackman, June 11, 2012

A Conservative MEP has strongly criticised the decision to invite a notoriously antisemitic Polish priest to speak at the European Parliament.

London representative Marina Yannakoudakis said she felt disappointed that Polish MEP Mirosław Piotrowski had invited Father Tadeusz Rydzyk to speak.


'Dress like an Orthodox Jew' restaurant in Euro 2012 city Lviv, Ukraine

By Jennifer Lipman, June 8, 2012

Tourists in town for Euro 2012 have been urged to avoid a restaurant in the Ukraine that invites customers to dress up as and mimic Orthodox Jews.