Channel 4 asks if abusive Paris kippah walk was ‘provocative’

By Sandy Rashty, February 20, 2015

Channel 4 News has been criticised over an interview with an Israeli journalist who was filmed being abused as he walked around Paris wearing a kippah.

Journalist Zvika Klein, whose video went viral this week, told C4 that he felt “scared and frightened” after he faced verbal attacks in predominately Muslim neigbourhoods.


Ultimately, we can only uproot this ideology with education

By Anthony Glees, February 19, 2015

There were two sorts of victim in Copenhagen, exactly as in Paris: one was free speech under the law, the other the Jews.

In the case of Paris, the attack on Charlie Hebdo followed many earlier attacks on French Jews and then, before Christmas, on shoppers in various parts of the Republic.


Malmo ups security

By Nathalie Rothschild, February 19, 2015

Swedish Jews were in shock after this weekend's shootings in the Danish capital, according to Jehoshua Kaufman, president of the Jewish community in Malmö, southern Sweden.

Malmö is a 20-minute train ride from Copenhagen, and is known for its high number of antisemitic hate crimes.


Elite Islamic school is hate hotbed, says teacher

By Michel Gurfinkiel, February 19, 2015

A teacher has accused his former employer, one of France's top Muslim schools, of being a hotbed of fundamentalism and antisemitism.

Soufiane Zitouni, a prominent Muslim intellectual, has resigned from his post at Averroes Islamic High School in Lille in the wake of the jihadi murders of Jews and political cartoonists in Paris last month, saying that the school fostered extremism.

In Februar


Poverty charity’s boycott is like Nazi Germany, says new group

By Josh Jackman, February 19, 2015

A newly-launched Jewish activist group has likened a charity’s boycott of Israel to the policies of Nazi Germany.

Activists from Jewish Human Rights Watch (JHRW) led the group’s inaugural protest on Monday outside the head office of anti-poverty charity War on Want in north London.


Secure Our Shuls

February 19, 2015

Last week, we reported on the findings of the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry Into Antisemitism. Among its main recommendations was that “a governmental fund be established to cover both capital and revenue costs for the security of British synagogues”. Within days of the report being published, the importance of that recommendation was brought home with tragic clarity.


Teacher fined after posting ‘you were right’ picture of Hitler on Facebook

By Charlotte Oliver, February 18, 2015

A teacher who posted a picture of Hitler on Facebook alongside the caption “you were right” has been fined, after he was reported to police by a Jewish student.

Mahmud Choudhury, from Tower Hamlets, pleaded guilty to the racially aggravated offence. He was fined £465 at Bromley Magistrates Court on Tuesday, but was told he would still be allowed to teach.


Board of Deputies delegation visits French Jewish group

By Josh Jackman, February 18, 2015

Board of Deputies representatives have visited French counterparts to demonstrate solidarity following last month’s terrorist attack in Paris in which four Jews were killed.

During the meeting with Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France (Crif) on Wednesday, the organisations pledged to work together to tackle online hate crimes and interfaith relations.


Council leader blames Israel for rising antisemitism

By Naomi Firsht, February 18, 2015

The leader of a council which flew the Palestinian flag during last summer’s Gaza conflict told objectors that rising antisemitism was Israel’s fault.