Labour suspends Ken Livingstone following Hitler comments

By Marcus Dysch, April 28, 2016

Ken Livingstone, the former Mayor of London, has been suspended from the Labour Party following a series of interviews in which he claimed that Adolf Hitler supported Zionism.

Dozens of the party’s MPs had called for Mr Livingstone to be suspended or ejected after a round of media appearances this morning.


Chelsea warn fans against antisemitism ahead of Spurs clash

By Josh Jackman, April 28, 2016

Chelsea have warned fans not to engage in discriminatory behaviour during their game against Tottenham Hotspur after a complaint was made about antisemitic posts on social media.

A fan reported antisemitic language he had seen on Facebook to senior officials at Chelsea, with the club responding by asking for fans to act in “a passionate but respectful manner”.


Suspend Ken Livingstone from Labour over ‘Hitler supported Zionism’ comment, say MPs

By Marcus Dysch, April 28, 2016

Labour MPs have called for former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone to be suspended from the party after he claimed “Hitler was supporting Zionism” in the 1930s.

During an interview to discuss the suspension of Naz Shah over her antisemitic social media posts, Mr Livingstone claimed the Nazi dictator had initially backed moving Jews to Israel “before he went mad”.


Jewish peer attacks Labour for having a "very particular problem" with antisemitism

By JC Reporter, April 28, 2016

A Jewish peer has accused Labour of having a “very particular problem” with antisemitism.

Baroness Neuberger said that the case of Naz Shah MP, who was suspended from the party on Wednesday over controversial social media posts, illustrated the extent of anti-Jewish feeling among the hard-left.


Labour MP Naz Shah suspended by party following antisemitic posts

By Marcus Dysch, April 27, 2016

Labour MP Naz Shah has been suspended by the party following her Commons apology for a series of antisemitic social media posts.

The decision was taken this afternoon following a second meeting between Ms Shah and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.


Printers spontaneously pump out hate leaflets

April 27, 2016

Universities across Germany were hit by a bizarre antisemitic cyber-attack last week.

Printers and photocopiers on college campuses began spontaneously pumping out antisemitic leaflets.

The German-language flyers contained a quotation from Mein Kampf and accused Jews of engineering the European refugee crisis.


Antisemitism Anti-Shmemetism… Why the Fuss?

By Tim Marshall, April 27, 2016

So, a fairly well known Brit MP has been called out for an antisemitic tweet involving hints of deportations.


Naz Shah says sorry for ‘hurtful, inexcusable’ posts and pledges to win back trust of Jewish community

By Marcus Dysch, April 27, 2016

Labour MP Naz Shah has apologised for the series of social media posts she made about Jews and Israel which led to her resigning as a parliamentary secretary to Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

Ms Shah, the Bradford West MP, said the “manner and tone” of her posts was “not excusable”.


Interview: Ira Forman

By Toby Axelrod, April 27, 2016

How do you solve a problem like antisemitism? The answer is, you can't. But you have to try, says a US diplomat on the front lines, because the stability of Jewish life in Europe is at stake.

It is not that the 1930s are repeating themselves. But fear itself has an undermining effect.


Labour MP Naz Shah hired ‘Zio tweet’ councillor as parliamentary aide

By Marcus Dysch, April 27, 2016

Labour MP Naz Shah employed as an aide a councillor who posted antisemitic remarks on Twitter.

The Bradford West MP employed Mohammed Shabbir as a member of her staff and gave him a parliamentary email address, it has been claimed.