Baroness Deech warns of campus racism

By Marcus Dysch, March 8, 2012

Universities must not be complacent in tackling campus antisemitism, a government minister has warned.

Baroness Verma, the Business, Innovation and Skills spokeswoman in the House of Lords, said laws on the issue were clear and reinforced: "There is absolutely no place in our universities for racism, including antisemitism."

She was responding to Baroness Deech, who asked the government to c


Itay Shechter faces antisemitic jeers at German club

By Jennifer Lipman, March 2, 2012

An Israeli footballer was the victim of antisemitic abuse after fans aimed a Nazi salute at him during a training session.

Itay Shechter, who plays for German side Kaiserslautern, was targeted by up to ten people chanting antisemitic jeers. They also made the Nazi salute, an illegal act under German law.

Mr Shechter, 24, moved to the club from Hapoel Tel Aviv last summer.


Hate blogger link to Czech President

By Nissan Tzur, March 1, 2012

The emergence of a photo of antisemitic Czech journalist Adam Bartos standing alongside Czech President Vaclav Klaus has caused an outrage among the European Jewish community and Czech politicians.

Mr Klaus has failed to explain how he came to appear in the photo, which Bartos published on his personal blog.


Soccer official calls for help at local level

By Jonathan Kalmus, March 1, 2012

The biggest threat to fighting antisemitism in football is the lack of competence in grassroots organisations, according to the Football Association's former director of corporate affairs.

Simon Johnson, who worked for the FA for more than seven years and led its first strategy group to tackle antisemitism, said that a process started by the football body to make county FAs robust enough to dea


Police investigate Mavi Marmara man hate speech

March 1, 2012

A controversial former US Marine is being investigated by police following allegations that he incited racial hatred at an Israel Apartheid Week event.

Ken O'Keefe screamed at audience members, said Israel "must be destroyed" and claimed Mossad was "directly involved" in the September 11 terror attacks on the United States.

He told an audience at Middlesex University's Free Palestine Society


Portuguese war hero who suffered 'religious segregation' has reputation restored

By Jennifer Lipman, March 1, 2012

A Portuguese military captain, who was publicly humiliated by the Fascist Salazar government after working to restore Jewish life in the 1920s and 30s, is to have his name cleared 50 years after his death.


Eggthrowers charged

February 23, 2012

Four men have been charged following a spate of alleged "drive-by" egg-throwing attacks which targeted Jews.

The charges follow the incidents in December last year in Hendon and Golders Green, north west London, when eggs were allegedly thrown from passing vehicles at religious Jews walking in the areas.

Mohammed Khalfia and Mohammed Jawad, both of Wembley, Haider Al-Fardan, of Kingsbury, an


Cameron discusses racism in football

February 23, 2012

English football authorities are deeply concerned by the prospect of antisemitic chants and abuse at this summer's European Championships in Poland and the Ukraine.

During an anti-discrimination summit hosted by Prime Minister David Cameron at Downing Street on Wednesday, leading figures in football discussed their fears that far-right elements might disrupt the tournament, both during matches


Jobcentres accused of 'Friday' antisemitism

By Jonathan Kalmus, February 17, 2012

Two Jobcentres in Greater Manchester have been accused of institutionalised antisemitism after cancelling jobseekers' benefit payments to Jews who keep Shabbat.


Apple asked to remove app offering 'Medieval' anti-Jewish stereotypes

By Jennifer Lipman, February 17, 2012

Stumped for an unflattering word that also means "Jew"? Spanish-speaking iPhone users have found a solution.

A Spanish-language thesaurus application called "iSinónimos" is available in the iTunes store for free. But the app, sold by developer Alberto Garcia Hierro, brings up some surprising results.