Ken defends record against 'tissue of lies'

By Marcus Dysch, April 26, 2012

Ken Livingstone has said the capital's Jewish community "should be celebrated" and promised to work to defend Jewish rights if elected as London's Mayor next week.

Addressing a London Jewish Forum lunch in Hampstead on Tuesday, Mr Livingstone took issue with his critics.


Congressman hints at racist ‘dark side’ of GOP

By Nathalie Rothschild, April 26, 2012

Recent comments by Eric Cantor, the sole Jewish Republican serving in the US Congress, have been widely interpreted as suggesting that the Grand Old Party has a serious problem with antisemitism.

Asked at an event organised by Politico, the political news outlet, whether or not he has detected antisemitism among members of Congress, Mr Cantor said he did not want to talk about "the darker side"


Antisemitic attacks fall worldwide

By Nathan Jeffay, April 26, 2012

There was a 27 per cent drop in the number of major antisemitic attacks worldwide last year.

Britain fell from the top country for attacks in 2010 to second place in an annual Tel Aviv University antisemitism report.


Obama sends antisemitism tsar to Malmo

By Nathalie Rothschild, April 26, 2012

Hannah Rosenthal, Barack Obama's special envoy to monitor and combat antisemitism, has travelled to Malmö, Sweden, for a closed-doors meeting with the city's mayor who has been accused of fomenting hatred of Jews.

Ilmar Reepalu recently told Swedish magazine Neo that the far-right Sweden Democrat party has "infiltrated the Jewish community in order to push its hatred of Muslims".


Marine Le Pen: Don't French Jews get it?

By Orlando Radice, April 26, 2012

Israel's former ambassador to France has expressed his dismay at support given by French Jews to Marine Le Pen, leader of the Front National (FN).

Ms Le Pen won almost one in 5 votes in Sunday's first round presidential election.


UJS stand vandalised by anti-Israel activists at NUS conference

By Jennifer Lipman, April 25, 2012

The Union of Jewish Students has urged "strong action" to be taken after anti-Israel activists attacked their stall at the annual National Union of Students conference on Tuesday.

UJS staff returned to their stall to discover their logo had been covered with anti-Israel stickers, including over the star of David symbol. The stickers called for people to "boycott Israeli goods".


Non-Jewish man can sue for antisemitism

By Jennifer Lipman, April 24, 2012

A truck-driver has been told he can sue his former employer for antisemitism – despite the fact that he is Christian.

Myron Cowher was told that the case he wanted to bring against a construction company and three of its senior staff was lawful, although the New Jersey judge did not rule on whether the allegations themselves had any merit.


Road named after anti-Jewish mayor gets makeover

By Jennifer Lipman, April 23, 2012

An Austrian road named after Vienna's notoriously antisemitic former mayor is to be renamed, in a move that has been hailed as a positive step by Jewish organisations.


So, why doesn't Mel Gibson have a Jewish problem?

By Jennifer Lipman, April 19, 2012

If ever you browse the pages of a gossip magazine, you will learn that celebrities are no different to you or me. "We want to be treated like everybody else," they say plaintively, from their Malibu mansions and personal Jacuzzis, champagne glass in hand. "We just want a normal life."


Warning about impact on European Jews if Israel strikes Iran

By Zoe Winograd, April 18, 2012

European Jewish Congress President, Dr Moshe Kantor, has warned European leaders of a "tsunami of hate" in Europe if unrest escalated in the Middle East.