Lessons in hatred and abuse

By Francesca Coleman, September 11, 2012

As a trainee teacher in an inner-London school in the last two years, I dealt with countless remarks about my religion, ranging from the perplexing to the deeply offensive.


Spanish community attempt to edit the dictionary

By Anna Sheinman, September 10, 2012

The representative body of Spanish Jews has renewed efforts to have a word that is insulting to Jews removed from the official national dictionary.


GCSE ‘prejudice’ board say exam went to plan

By Simon Rocker, September 7, 2012

An exam board which came under fire for asking GCSE students to “explain, briefly, why some people are prejudiced against Jews” says that none of them answered it inappropriately.


High Security for High Holy Days

By Sandy Rashty, Shirli Sitbon, Toby Axelrod, Nathalie Rothschild, Ted Merwin and Ruth Ellen Gruber, September 6, 2012

Around the world, preparations are under way to protect Jewish communities during the High Holy Days.

Recent attacks on Jews from Bulgaria to Toulouse have convinced community security organisations that, more than ever, this year is a year to be prepared for the worst.

In the UK, the largest ever communal security operation will be in place over Rosh Hashanah.


Imams deny antisemitism at unity event

By Shirli Sitbon, September 6, 2012

As they arrived in Paris for the second gathering of European Jewish and Muslim leaders, Jewish officials seemed to have one thing on their mind: getting their counterparts to fight antisemitism in Muslim communities.
Antisemitism has been on the rise in France since the Toulouse shooting six months ago, and many of the attacks have been perpetrated by Muslims.


J S Bach, the misunderstood musician

By David Conway, September 3, 2012

The year 2012 is unlikely to go down well in the annals of Jewish-German relations.

In June, a German court ruled that religious circumcision of minors is a criminal act. Two months earlier, Germany's largest-selling daily broadsheet had published a poem by Nobel prize-winning author - and former SS recruit - Günter Grass, accusing Israel of endangering world peace.


Fine writer’s love of conspiracy

By Oliver Kamm, September 2, 2012

"He is materialising my fear that he will do something to disgrace his oeuvre," Christopher Hitchens told me an in interview a few months before his death. The "he" was Gore Vidal, the author and essayist. They had once been allies. Vidal had only semi-jokingly nominated Hitchens as his successor in the world of letters.


Berlin rabbi hospitalised in hate attack

By JC Reporter, August 30, 2012

Four youths assaulted a rabbi and threatened to kill his six-year-old daughter in the Schöneberg district of Berlin this week.

According to reports, one of the four young assailants blocked the rabbi’s path while the three others stood behind him and his daughter. The man obstructing the rabbi suddenly hit the rabbi repeatedly, injuring his head.


John Galliano stripped of French government award

By Michel Zlotowski, August 30, 2012

Former Dior fashion designer John Galliano was stripped of his Legion of Honour award by the French government to “preserve the legitimacy” of the prize, according to Richard Prasquier, the President of Crif, the umbrella body representing the French Jewish organisations.


Tal Ben Haim tweet man to go to court

By Sandy Rashty, August 30, 2012

A MAN is to appear in court over an abusive message he is alleged to have sent to the Israeli footballer, Tal Ben Haim.

Matthew Smith, 33, of Andover, Hampshire, allegedly sent a Twitter message to the former Portsmouth Football Club defender on August 6.

The statement has since been removed from the social networking site but will be considered in court, a CPS spokesperson confirmed.