Community rallies to support Somalia famine appeal

By Jennifer Lipman, August 17, 2011

More than £169,000 has been raised to help people suffering from the famine in East Africa following a campaign launched by World Jewish Relief.

The aid charity set up a fundraising drive last month as reports of draught and malnutrition in Somalia and its neighbours began filtering through to the international media.


Fear for Yemen Jews as conflict continues

By Jennifer Lipman, August 15, 2011

Groups of Yemeni Jews are reportedly fleeing their homes as the conflict between the government and rebels, including those backed by Al-Qaida, shows no sign of subsiding.

According to an article in the Yemen Post, seven Jews from the Amran province have already left and another eight are planning to go as soon as possible. It is unclear where they plan to go.


Here is the news: Africa hurts

By Paul Anticoni, August 1, 2011

Summer is generally a quiet time for the media. Parliament is in recess, many journalists (and readers) are on holiday, and the frivolous stories deemed to be newsworthy have led to the summer being known as "silly season".


Israel and South Sudan establish diplomatic relations

By Jennifer Lipman, July 28, 2011

Israel has officially established diplomatic relations with the fledgling state of South Sudan.

The Jewish State was one of the first countries to welcome South Sudan after it declared independence on July 9, while there were jubilant scenes among the Sudanese refugee population of Tel Aviv.


Southern Sudan given warm welcome by Israel

By Jennifer Lipman, July 11, 2011

Binyamin Netanyahu has offered good wishes to the world's newest country following its independence on July 9 at midnight.

The Republic of South Sudan was created in 2005 in a peace agreement ending decades of civil war. The Israeli Prime Minister said Israel recognised the new state and added: "We wish it much success."


WJR seeks assistance for hungry Africans

July 7, 2011

World Jewish Relief has launched an emergency appeal to assist the millions across the Horn of Africa facing severe food shortages.

The region's worst drought for 60 years has been compounded by increasing grain prices, fodder shortages, livestock deaths and conflict. An estimated eight million-plus people need urgent assistance.


WJR launch Horn of Africa famine appeal

By Jennifer Lipman, July 5, 2011

A Jewish organisation has launched an online appeal in response to the growing food shortage in the Horn of Africa.

The United Nations warned earlier this week that at least nine million people in Kenya, Ethiopia, Somilia and Djibouti were facing starvation. The region has been hit by a drought which the UN said was one of the worst in 60 years.


The slave who found freedom

By Nathan Jeffay, July 1, 2011

Six years ago, Avi Be'eri- or Ibrahim as he was known then - was a broken, lonely street child, sleeping in a market in his native Guinea, West Africa. He had been orphaned, and had left the home of his uncle, where he was meant to be living, because of abuse.


On this day: hostages in Entebbe

By Anna Slater, June 27, 2011

On July 27 1976, pro-Palestinian hijackers seized an Air France flight that was en route to Israel. 250 passengers were on board and most were Jewish or Israeli citizens.


The Congo needs our challenging voice

By Rabbi Colin Eimer and Rabbi David Mitchell, June 10, 2011

Later this month is National Refugee Week. But Jews should not need a special week in order to reflect on the experiences of our own families as they fled from Nazi persecution. Millions, sadly, were not among those lucky few.