2012 London Olympics

London Olympics: Bombay boxers and Hebrew basketball players

By Jennifer Lipman, August 2, 2012

Next to the JC's report of French Jewish athlete Micheline Ostermeyer's successes in the 1948 Games, there was a "missing relatives" column. The missing aunts, husbands, friends, came from Warsaw and Riga, Odessa and Lvov. "Last heard from in 1932," read one.


Ram: Olympic organisers were wrong not to observe minute of silence

By Danny Caro, August 2, 2012

Israel tennis star Andy Ram hit out at Olympic organisers for their failure to hold a minute's silence at the Opening Ceremony.

Speaking to the JC just moments after going out of the men's doubles competition, Ram said: "It was very bad that there was no minute of silence at the Opening Ceremony. They have to do it at the next Olympics.


Anger as kosher food is off the menu

By Danny Caro and Marcus Dysch, August 2, 2012

The Jewish Committee for the Olympic Games is complaining to Locog about the difficulty of obtaining kosher food at London 2012.

At the ExCeL centre, the largest competition venue at the Games, there was no sign of kosher food in the wide range of eateries on Sunday.


IOC President Rogge faces backlash at memorial service for murdered Israelis

By Marcus Dysch and Anshel Pfeffer, August 2, 2012

International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge faces being barracked at a memorial service by community leaders and families of the 11 Israelis killed by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Olympics.


Silence at 3,000 feet as easyJet passengers remember Munich

By Jennifer Lipman, Zoe Winograd, Marcus Dysch, August 2, 2012

Passengers on a flight to Tel Aviv were asked to observe a minute’s silence as they flew over Munich.
The captain of the easyJet plane made the announcement over the intercom on Friday, telling holidaymakers it was in memory of the Israeli athletes murdered in the 1972 Olympics.


Not tough or dedicated enough — why we are failing at sport

By Danny Caro and Marcus Dysch, August 2, 2012

Jessica Ennis, Chris Hoy, Mo Farah and Rebecca Adlington are leading Team GB in their quest for Olympic gold.

But where, you might ask, are the young British Jewish sports stars? Among those household names competing in the Olympics, and in other sports for that matter, it is hard to identify a single Jewish performer of note.


Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga cheer for Aly Raisman after gold medal win

By Jennifer Lipman, August 1, 2012

For teenage gymnast Aly Raisman and her US teammates, winning gold made for a day they would never forget – and the excitement didn't end there.

After the quartet won the medal on Tuesday evening, they found themselves being congratulated by some well-known figures in the entertainment world.


Hava Nagila gymnast Aly Raisman helps team USA win gold at London 2012

By Jennifer Lipman, July 31, 2012

American Jewish gymnast Aly Raisman has helped propel her team to a gold medal at London 2012.

The 18-year-old from Massachusetts, who performed her floor routine to the tune Hava Nagila, appeared last in the US line up in the team competition.

As she left the floor, bringing her team its first win outside of US soil, she appeared to be holding back tears of joy.


The Israeli team at the Olympic Opening Ceremony

By Jennifer Lipman, July 30, 2012

The Israeli Olympians make their entrance at the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games.


Meet Canada's Jewish beach volleyball star

By Jennifer Lipman, July 30, 2012

Throughout history, Jews have not been known for athletic prowess. But the London 2012 Olympic Games, which opened on Friday night, have revealed one sport where a Jewish player has at least a chance of excelling.

Josh Binstock, who helped his team beat Great Britain at Saturday's first round match, is one of Canada's top beach volleyball players.