Yentob's expensive account

By Simon Round, April 24, 2008

The great thing about the BBC is that because we effectively pay their salaries, staff members have to tell us what their itemised expenses are. This is how we know that Alan Yentob, whose basic salary at the BBC is £300,000 a year, has claimed more than £27,000 over the past three years, including £120 for a cake. According to The Daily Telegraph, he also claimed £1,500 for a Christmas lunch for colleagues, despite being a nice Jewish boy, and mysteriously claimed £743 for “discussions”. Who said talk was cheap? Clearly not Yentob, who also claimed 24p for a single phone call.

Smart scheduling by the BBC last weekend meant that its Radio 4 Archive Hour offering, A Rage in Dalston, which told the story of the post-war battle between Jewish ex-servicemen and Oswald Mosley’s Fascists, was broadcast at precisely the time Jewish families across the UK were having seder dinners. At least surviving Fascists would have been able to tune in.

Last updated: 10:34am, April 24 2008