Who is the real dummy?

By Simon Round, May 21, 2009

The head of the kashrut department in the Israeli town of Tiberias has been suspended by the mayor after getting a little over-zealous on the matter of “naked” mannequins.

Mayor Zohar Oved was outraged after hearing that Rabbi Rafael Cohen had written to shops ordering them to cover up their dummies in their windows.

Cohen also threatened to publish a list of shops with nude or scantily dressed dummies. “Mannequins in bathing suits damage our souls,” he said.

Mayor Oved gave the shop’s permission to carry on as before. “I deplore Rabbi Cohen’s strange actions which upset the delicate balance between the city’s various sectors,” he said.

In other words, he was given a good dressing down.

    Last updated: 11:15am, May 21 2009