We're from Turkmenistan!

By Simon Round, January 8, 2009

This letter, which was actually published by the South Wales Echo, sheds new light on both the conflict in Gaza and the origins of the Jewish people.

Peter Sunman of Cardiff asserts that “these Israelis [who attacked Gaza] are not Jews but are Ashkenazim which means that they adopted the Jewish faith as a matter of convenience.

“They are not born of a Jewish mother so cannot be Jews.”

He adds: “Since they [the Ashkenazim] are from Turkmenistan originally, how does the land of Palestine become their home?”

Did the Echo fact checkers verify that Ashkenazim were not really Jews, that there were no Sephardim on the Gaza mission and that we are all really from Turkmenistan (Jewish population 700)?

Last updated: 6:29pm, January 8 2009