Sir Alan would fire them

By Simon Round, May 9, 2008

Writers at The Daily Record in Glasgow slightly misunderstood our Sir Alan Sugar story last week.

Sir Alan told the JC that he was tempted to make a k’nackers special, to pit all those “know-it-all” critics in the media against his apprentices in the sure knowledge that the actual apprentices would win.

However, the Record decided that what Sir Alan had really meant was that he had wanted to “make a Jewish version” of The Apprentice — a bit tricky, since there have hardly been enough Jewish contestants over the years to fill a boardroom.

Maybe the Record reporters were just feeling a little too k’nackered to read the piece properly.

Seeing as they did not bother to credit the JC for the story, we are quite happy to have a little chuckle at their expense.

Last updated: 2:23pm, May 13 2008