Oops, left daughter behind

By Simon Round, August 7, 2008

We all know what it's like when you go on holiday - there's so much to take with you - passport, toothbrush, suncream etc - that it's easy to end up forgetting something. So let's lay off the poor parents who left their four-year-old daughter behind at Ben-Gurion Airport when they boarded a flight from Tel Aviv to Paris. After all, the unnamed Orthodox couple were late for their plane and in a terrible rush. They were carrying a large amount of luggage too - all of which they made sure accompanied the on board.

And they managed to keep their four other children with them - an 80 per cent success rate isn't bad, you know. No harm came to the little girl who was discovered in tears in duty-free. Any suggestion of neglect is surely unfair, isn't it?

Last updated: 11:30am, August 7 2008