New statesman loses plot

By Simon Round, August 21, 2008

The New Statesman has invited readers to vote for their favourite ideas for in-depth investigations. The magazine has opened a comment thread on its website so that readers can suggest ideas.

The suggestions prove that New Statesman readers are certainly up for a good conspiracy theory. They include: "the power of the Jewish lobby in British politics and media", "MI6's role in 9/11" and "why are the British police failing to prosecute Tony Blair for treason and war crimes". As "gcarth" writes: "Why shouldn't we discuss the power of the Jewish lobby in the media? They do seem to have disproportionate power in economic and social affairs as in the US."

New Statesman political editor Martin Bright is clearly rattled by the tone of the suggestions. He tells readers: "Please be sensible. I am talking about ‘investigations'. Trying Blair for war crimes does not qualify. The influence of the Jewish lobby is pure antisemitism. The 9/11 idea is pure bonkers."

Say what you like, the truth is out there, Martin.

Last updated: 3:29pm, August 22 2008