New kind of wedding card

By Simon Round, July 18, 2008

Time was when you would have to think ahead when buying a wedding present — ie leafing through the John Lewis list for items within your price range.

Well, thanks to enterprising Israelis, from now on you will  not need to buy a gift until you arrive at the venue.

If you are attending a simchah at the Gan Oranim hall in Tel Aviv, you will be able to insert your credit-card into a machine, tap in a sum and leave a gift for the bride and groom.

“It’s new in Israel and the world,” said the manager of the venue, Aya Alon kaufman. Guests can leave a gift even if they forget their chequebooks.

The couple pay around £75 to hire the machine and the funds are delivered to their bank account the following day.

How romantic.

Last updated: 11:03am, July 17 2008