My facebook friend

By Simon Round, May 14, 2009

An American now living in Israel has told of the moment his former room-mate, Mark Zuckerberg, created Facebook while at Harvard.

Twenty-six-year-old Arie Hasit told Haaretz how he and his friend ate Shabbat dinner together and raised money for charities in Israel.

One day, Zuckerberg told Hasit that he had decided to to build a website for students. “He said, Arie, I built this site. I want you to sign up.”

Hasit added: “Despite the fact he developed Facebook, his grades were OK. He was even in a relationship with a girlfirend.” Proof that you can be a computer nerd millionaire-in-the-making and still have a life.

Last updated: 11:37am, May 14 2009