Maureen on Acid

By Simon Round, November 27, 2008

It has been a big week for confessions by Jewish women of a certain age. Both Maureen Lipman and Esther Rantzen divulged they had been a little wild way back in the '60s.

Lipman says she took LSD as well as cannabis.

"I took it once and rather unpredictably ended up with someone I shouldn't have," she told a Five documentary entitled Sex Drugs and Rock ‘n'Roll: The 60s revealed. However, Lipman was not a hardcore druggie . She admits she never "actually learnt to roll a joint. I guess it was that Jewish Princess stuff".

Meanwhile, over at I'm a Celebrity... Esther Rantzen told of how she also ended up with someone she shouldn't have.

She confessed to fellow contestants that she had lost her virginity to a doctor while on holiday in Greece.

Well, at least he was a doctor.

Last updated: 12:31pm, November 27 2008