Goering? What a nice chap

By Simon Round, May 23, 2008

The yacht of leading Nazi Hermann Goering has gone on sale for £151,000 on a Nazi memorabilia website.

Fair enough, if you are after a seagoing vessel once owned by the corpulent Luftwaffe chief, but harder to understand is a quote from Julian Harrap, a leading restoration architect. “From this distance, we have the opportunity to re-evaluate historically,” he said. “Just as Albert Einstein’s yacht gave us a window into that great man’s mind, Carin II [Goering’s yacht] could offer a new interpretation on the mind of a man we would otherwise consider a monster.”

Ah... so on one the hand Goering was an architect of the Holocaust, but on the other hand he enjoyed a spot of sailing so cannot have been that bad after all. Right?

Last updated: 11:36am, May 27 2008