Footballer outed as pianist

By Simon Round, September 19, 2008

A lot of Premiership footballers have problems adjusting at the end of their careers. Some go into coaching, some become pundits, others buy a pub.

However, Israeli player Elisha Abas has made a more unusual career choice. After a long career in the Israeli top league, he has become a concert pianist.

Abas was actually a child prodigy at piano until the age of 15, when he became a victim of burnout. Three years later, he made his debut in his new career as a footballer.

Abas says he "never really talked about [the piano career] with my teammates, although there was some gossip".

He added that the same qualities of determination and bravery which made him a great pianist also made him a good footballer. He says: "I was a great striker but I never scored goals."

Having taken up the piano at the age of 30, he is now an accomplished soloist living in New York.

Now instead of trying to score, it's fair to say he now concentrates on reading the score.

Last updated: 12:52pm, September 18 2008