Chinese say no to fishballs

By Simon Round, July 31, 2008

Last week we reported that due to government restrictions, kosher food could be thin on the ground come the start of the Olympics.

However, kosher athletes will have somewhere to go. Beijing's only kosher restaurant, Dini's, has stockpiled 7.5 tons of kosher beef and nine tons of chicken and plans to open 24 hours a day.

Chinese diners have been curious about the restaurant, and given their lack of squeamishness about eating any part of any animal, one would imagine they would be adventurous eaters.

But the restaurant's manager, Ohad Tiktinski, told the Ynet website that there was one delicacy the Chinese find repulsive. "They refuse to touch the gelfilte fish."

Last updated: 2:28pm, August 22 2008