Chabad’s matzah mules

By Simon Round, April 14, 2009

Chabad is not normally the kind of organisation to be involved in organised crime, but over Pesach it mounted a huge smuggling operation into Iran.

Chabadniks turned Matzah mules to import secretly large quantities of unleavened bread into the country to keep Iran’s 20,000 Jews supplied over the festival.

While the authorities allow Jews to practise freely, the import of any goods from Israel is strictly forbidden, which is a problem for Jews who have been unable to bake enough matzah to feed the entire community.

Chabad operatives managed to smuggle a ton of matzah into the country, through a lightly manned border crossing.

Apart from a trail of crumbs, no clue was left of the operation.

Last updated: 5:20pm, April 14 2009